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News about the RightFields plugin for Movable Type, for paid users of the plugin.

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  1. RightFields Announcements - version 1.2 now available
    Sent July 30th 2007

    RightFields 1.2 Released ------------------------ RightFields 1.2 is now available. Download it here: http://www.staggernation.com/mtplugins/RightFields-1.2.tar.gz You can read this blog entry to find out more about what's new in this version, and futu...

  2. RightFields Announcements Message
    Sent June 19th 2007

    Welcome to RightFields Announcements ------------------------------------ If you're receiving this mailing, it's because you sent a payment via PayPal for my (Kevin Shay's) RightFields plugin for Movable Type at some point since it was released in late 2...


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