1. THE END AS I KNOW IT out in paperback
    Sent March 18th 2008

    Hi! It's been a while. 1) PAPERBACK RELEASED THE END AS I KNOW IT: A NOVEL OF MILLENNIAL ANXIETY is now available in a softcover edition from Anchor Books. It has an excellent new cover design, although I am a bit wistful about losing the raccoon. Infor...

  2. Final NYC reading this week; Six Apart podcast; updates
    Sent February 24th 2007

    1) READING 2/28 IN NYC Please join me this Wednesday, when I'll be reading from THE END AS I KNOW IT as part of Makor's Debut Fiction Night. This is my last reading currently scheduled in New York. Also reading will be Jennifer Gilmore, Karen Russell, and...

  3. THE END AS I KNOW IT hits shelves; launches; NYC reading 1/4
    Sent December 31st 2006

    1) THE BOOK IS OUT THERE So, THE END AS I KNOW IT: A NOVEL OF MILLENNIAL ANXIETY was officially released on December 26. It's been sighted, and even purchased, in several actual bookstores. Furthermore, it can be ordered from Amazon,, and other web...

  4. Kevin Shay Updates Message
    Sent December 15th 2006

    1) HOW DO I UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THIS THING, AGAIN? 2) THANK YOU! Many thanks to all of you who attended the reading at Pete's Candy Store in November. I appreciated your coming, and Pete's appreciated your appetite for...

  5. Announcing THE END AS I KNOW IT; reading in Brooklyn 10/19
    Sent October 12th 2006

    1. WHO SENT ME THIS EMAIL? Kevin Shay. 2. WHY? HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP? My novel THE END AS I KNOW IT is coming out in December. If you're receiving this, it's because I know you, am related to you, or have worked or corresponded with you, and I thought y...


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