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December 30, 1999 Permalink

>Seriously, what *did* happen to Tom?

I stopped arguing the doomer case, and started agreeing with the Pollies. Suddenly I got awfully mad about all the hype and all the money that was spent on new systems when there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old ones. Why should IT invent the damn hoax, generate the hype and then make billions from it?

Everybody else got ready for Y2k without spending hundreds of billions. How come it cost us an arm and a leg?

>I seem to remember him being at least semi-rational (everything relative).

Yes, well, when I am semi-rational, I realize that Y2k was not trivial, but was treated trivially. When I am semi-rational I think Bradley’s 1.08 on the Edwards scale is a joke.

Did IT rip us off or let us down? Stephen Poole says it was a ripoff. Cory Hamasaki says the work wasn’t done. I know you disagree with Hamasaki, so I assumed you agreed with Stephen Poole. I have not seen one post from a Pollyanna that ever disagreed with Poole or Dechert. Are you saying this was not a ripoff generated from hype from Y2k consultants trying to make money? I don’t understand. What am I missing in the Polly position? Where is Poole wrong?

Ripoff or letdown. We’re going to find out which it was in no time. I can hardly wait.

—Tom Benjamin, comp.software.year-2000, 12/30/99

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