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January 6, 2000 Permalink

The blame for the entire Y2K controversy belongs to the Presidents, CEO’s and our elected officials for not taking this issue seriously enough to handle it years ago, and have everything fixed by the end of 1998.

Why was it a race to finish? Why did so many (including the pollies & TPTB) have to hold their breath on 12/31/99 to see if there was really going to be problems? How dare you roll the dice with something so critical to our way of life.

Maybe we lucked out, or maybe there was really nothing to worry about. But to keep everyone guessing to the last minute. You should all be taken out in public and slapped up the side of the head.

Why didn’t you have IV&V done and made public? Why did you hide behind your lawyers? The fact that the public has no trust in what you say (especially politicians) should tell you that something needs to change. It’s a sad commentary of where our society has come to.

You dodged a bullet this time. Many of you still don’t know how, and probably don’t care. Your stock price and stock options are still in place (for now), and your attitude that money is more important than people is still secure.

For everyone pointing the finger out there, maybe this is the direction it should go. From all indications, things should have failed, and to everyones amazement, it didn’t. I’m glad things didn’t fall apart, but am still pissed that so much of what is so important was left to the last minute, because of greed. I hope your stock prices and stock options do go in the toilet. Maybe it will help teach you what is really important. More important than your net worth.

—Bill, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 01/06/00

Dear Gary, Greetings from the Peace River country of northern Alberta! We have been subscribers to the Remnant Review since 1997, and I can say without reservation that we are indebted to you in many ways. These last two years have been an education like no other. The wide variety of subject areas, the extensive links and the thought provoking commentary that you have provided has increased our own study greatly. Where else would we have learned about Ludwig von Mises and the Austrian school of economics or fractional reserve banking or the effects of the abolition of the gold standard? Who else would have informed us of the downside of derivatives? Whether your critics care to agree or not, we believe that you have provided an invaluable service. Just by the letters I read in “Sound Off” we are not alone in this opinion.

Perhaps the greatest thing you have done for our family is that you moved us into a not only a debt-free position, but also into a high state of preparedness for virtually any eventuality. We are grateful indeed....

If I have only one concern for the year ahead, it is this. Is the world going to move towards even greater depravity, now that they think the Y2K threat has disappeared? I think it is. It’s as if everyone was holding their collective breath until New Zealand rolled over. I was struck by the extent of the pagan celebrations of the rollover that the CBC lovingly broadcast all day on the 31st. No gratitude, no praise to God for sparing man of calamity. Those of us who call apon the Name of Jesus will have our work cut out for us in 2000.

—Terry, garynorth.com, 01/06/00

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