Don’t Get Me Wrong, I’m Mailing It Out Right Away

Has anyone else started getting chain letters recently—physical, printed (well, poorly photocopied) chain letters sent through the mail? I’ve gotten two of basically the same one in the past couple of months. Prior to this, I hadn’t seen a non-virtual chain letter since probably the early 1980s.

In the most recent one I received, from someone in Tehachapi, CA, the photocopying is so many generations removed from the original as to be barely legible. The name of the company from which you’re supposed to order a mailing list, and the price of that list, are in fact illegible:

I presume it’s “Data Line” and it sort of looks like $40.00, but it could also almost be “Dalai Lama” and $110.00. I’m tempted to call the 800 number just to see if a Tibetan answers.

I enjoyed the subsequent instructions:

The best part is that the names come on self-adhesive labels that you peel and stick right to an envelope.

Really? Right to an envelope? There’s no intermediate step involved after the peeling? Anyway, I appreciate their spelling out what “self-adhesive” means.

Go to your local Post Office and purchase 200 of their 37-cent stamps and place them on the envelopes. (They sell rolls of 100 stamps that are self-adhesive.)

I might have even better luck with 39-cent stamps, since the postal rates went up, oh, a year ago. But again, the thoroughness in telling me I must place the stamps on the envelopes is appreciated.

Thankfully, the disturbing “So-and-so broke the chain and also his neck” threats I recall from bygone chain letters are absent.

Weren’t the monetary type of chain letters of old simply pyramid schemes, intended to enrich their nominal originators? The “buy a mailing list” angle seems new. So I suspect the re-emergence of the chain letter results from the Dalai Lama, or maybe some company called Data Line, realizing they couldn’t hack it in the increasingly competitive world of online spam, and opting for a USPS-based scam.

Oh, and page 2 of this letter begins: “My name is Dick Hollman.”


Did you try this program before you dismissed it? Do you know anyone who has tried it? If not, why not try to see if it works or at least contacting someone to see if it works?

I’m sure the blogger didn’t try it because IT’S ILLEGAL and it’s the oldest one on the books! Get a brain, nikki!

I received two essentially identical Dick Holman letters this week. I, too, was flabbergasted at the re-emergence of the old-fashioned snail mail chain letter. Then yesterday, a friend of mine in San Diego received one. They’re back, baby!

I got one just today. YEARS ago I recall getting oh about 1 or 2 every six months or so..... I just actually wonder if ANYONE really DOES send these people money???????????????

Yes, I’m doing this right now. If everyone follows the directions exactly, IT WILL WORK. In fact, my boyfriend’s cousin did something like this and ended up with $25,000. The math behind it seems solid. I figure it’s better odds than playing the lottery. The key is doing exactly what the letter says, which I fear most people won’t do. But I’m giving it a try. I spent about $150 bucks on stamps, envelopes, and copies plus the $45.00 to Dataline (which is a real company, by the way)for the 200 names. If I lose the money, oh well. Life goes on. Things like this only work if everyone works together. As far as the legality, it is of course questionable, so if this works, I’m not going to make a habit of doing it again.

I have received this letter 3 times in the past 4 months now. And am beginning to contemplate doing it. The girl who commented above me, I hope she checks back and lets us all know how she does! I need some reassurance before I give it a shot!

To All: I too was tempted by this letter but go to this website for more info:

This scam is listed as Illegal in the United States by multiple U.S. agencies. The maximum fine is listed as $100,000 dollars for ANYONE who participates in it. Even if you are selling a product you nust have a Business License to do so. It is legal to mail which is how he gets away with stating it’s legal. But he’s telling a partial truth. It is very illegal because you do not have the business license and it is a pyramid regardless of the limited excuse he gives why it’s not. He only gives a partial description of what a pyramid scheme is. This scam will be cracked down on harshly this time arround. You’ve been warned!

For your info: the FBI INternet Illegal Porn and Internet fraud divisions has tracked this scam and like Ip adresses to it arround the world. The same IP address is poping up all over on sites saying this letter worked for them. The catch is it is different unconfirmed stories that sound legit but from the same IP addresses over and over. Hince the stories are false positives that this scam works. It is also listed as illegal by the US Gov and Australia is confronting it currently. In case you don’t know what an IP address is, it is the address on your Internal Processor of your computer. Congress has passed lows allowing this address to be tracked by any server or agency on the internet. The combined records show that the same IP addresses is showing up all accross the world wide web in attemp to cover up tis scam. Do not be fooled, it IS ILLEGAL on 3 seperate accounts! You can be fined on just one of the accounts by as much as even $100,000 just for participating even if you make no money from it!

Hello everybody!

first, I notice a ton of traffic on my site.. people searching “dataline maillist”

#1 it isnt me or my company
#2 its a scam!
#3 if somebody sends you something in the mail promising to make you money.. ignore it, if it worked they would be doing it and not sharing with you.

Happy Holidays!

I just called one of the people who were listed on my letter received Jan 25, 2008. I googled her and was actually surprised to see a real address beased upon the comments stating that the address were not real people. So, I went to and found her phone number. I called her and asked if she had sent in her dollar to the 6 people to get on the list (that is what my letter says). Guess what; she had NO CLUE what I was talking about. She had never engaged in the mailing, didn’t know anything about the letter, and now now is very concerned that her personal address is floating around out there for for crazy person to find her. It’s kind of creepy. THAT sold me; this is a scam!

I just received the same letter today and have no clue where these people got my name and address. This is the second of the same type of letter I’ve received in the last two weeks. How are these people getting info?

SCAM! not waste your money with this. If you think it is only $6...think again. By the time you get your mailing list, stamps, paper, copies and your time, you are in over $300. Give that money to a charity if your going to spend it. I have a website..( This is a work at home business but is very, very time consuming. I have a programer working on this daily from the UK and spend thousands in advertising and page rankings every month.

My point is this started as a work at home businss where you could make thousands a week or even day. It was free to sign up so i did and made a few sales but Google advertising is not cheap. I decided i was going to make it work and so far so good. I did about 3 months of research on work from home businesses and mailings and so on. They are all scams. If you want to make money and be lazy...rob a bank. If you want to make money me and i will tell you exactly what you need to do..and for FREE. I am sick of people getting scammed and when i was first starting out in the website biz i said i would help out other when i made good money. I worked my ass off though but get to work from home everyday and hey..$25,000 a month is not a bad living.

Want the real way to do me at and I promise a response. Again, My advice will be free and to the point.


The Truth Behind The Dick Hollman “LETTER”


I am a sower participating in the Dick Hollman teaching, (letter) but most of all I am a true believer of the word of God and a strict Bible (based on facts) studier.

I really want to tell those who may think that this letter is a SCAM. This is definitely NOT A SCAM!

The definition of the word SCAM means:
1) Dishonest scheme: a scheme for making money by dishonest means
2) Trick somebody: to obtain money or other goods from somebody by dishonest means

The Dick Hollman “letter” has no qualifications connected with the above definitions. Actually, if you know anything about seed sowing this is exactly what this letter is based upon.

The Dick Hollman “Letter” is also not a pyramid. A pyramid pays the one that is on the top first...not everyone. Although pyramiding is a very popular method used by many foreigners that come to our country to help one another succeed financially.

This system is used by many Koreans. I once had a Korean friend which explained how he and his family used this method when they arrived in the United States. I’m sure we’ve all noticed how prosperous they are in businesses like wig shops, beauty supply store’s and corner grocery stores in many of our neighborhoods.

Pyramiding goes a little something like this:

One person may get a loan for a small business after they open their business. They set a financial goal lets say it is $100,000 after they make a $100,000 they give that same business to another Korean family or family member they make 100,000 then that same business is passed to another Korean family etc, etc. This is pyramiding.

But the Dick Hollman Letter is a little different and it is also not against the law. This program is structured to help others, this is a legitimate business, this is why they are putting a note along with their $1.00 requesting to have their name put on your mailing list (this is what they are paying for. Nothing else!) How can this be illegal? Don’t let people scare you out of your blessing so easily without taking time to understand what you are doing, this is a business by showing others how to succeed in live.

You are now in the “mail order business” and the dollar they are sending you is for service rendered your services is to do exactly what they are requesting (put their name’s on your mailing list) This is a business and with any business you must pay your taxes on money obtained and the letter instructs you to do this also. The letter stresses to follow the instructions if those who particapate dishonestly will reap what they sow... meaning you have to pay taxes on a business, period, no “if’s” about it. Those who choose not to pay taxes makes this illegal.

Please don’t listen to unknowledgeable people that may cause you to miss a blessing and a “Great Biblical” teaching. This is for EVERYONE interested in taking part in a program that teaches us how to help one another by teaching us to harvest from their return through others. This “letter” is so simple but powerful. It teaches us how to help one another meet our financial goals, which is very much needed through times like now.

This does work! And it will work for you if you follow the instructions and do it in honesty. Don’t cut the corner, put your name in the #6 spot as instructed taking off the #1 name, mail your 200 copies and let your seed grow.

If this letter is not followed exactly and is done in dishonesty, dishonesty is what you’ll harvest if you choose to do this. Don’t discourage anyone else because you decide to cut corners or put your name where it doesn’t belong, and don’t remove the names that were on your list when you received it.

The people on the list have done their parts and sowed their 200 copies and is now waiting for their harvest to come in. So if you choose to be dishonest and not sent those who are awaiting their harvest from their labour.

James 5:4 Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth. (a) “sabaoth” = armies, or hosts. - Strongs #4519 “sabaoth” - a military epithet of God.
So if you choose to be dishonest God hears and see’s everything that has been taken from the righteous and has many appointed to do just that as the definition above explains.

So please mail the $1.00 to the 6 names first before you even start mailing your letters. This is their harvest being returned through you and many others.

So follow the letters instructions, be HONEST don’t try to get something for nothing. You are going to reap exactly what you have sown. We live in a society that we all have to work for what we receive, so don’t think this program will prove any different. This requires a little work to be done such as make copies, get your labels, possibly having to get return letters back out into circulation due to unexpected moves etc.

Remember the well known saying: A failure ia a failure, until you give it a try. But most importantly we should aways remember the word of the God said it best in...

Ecclesiastes 11:4 He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.

At first I was skeptic too, I threw the letter on my dresser but my spirit kept pushing me to read and absorb the method behind this program. I understood exactly what this program was geared to do, and that was to teach people how to help one another a simple method of seed sowing. This is a biblical concept connected to all aspects of our lives, sow good and you’ll reap good and the same for bad. Why would it be any different when it comes down to your money being sown? You sow money and you also reap money.

Seed sowing is biblical and was taught by Christ himself concerning all aspects of our lives (you reap what you sow rather it be good or bad) one of Christ’s teaching stated in:

Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, (that) shall he also reap.

The verse above says (WHATSOEVER) a man soweth (THAT) shall he also reap (meaning you reap in the same matter in which it was sown) For instance, if you sowed an apple seed in the ground you would not expect a banana tree from it would you? Of course not!

The word (that) used in the verse above is a >pronoun & >determiner used to identify a (specific thing).

So if you sow an apple seed in the ground, you get a tree that produces APPLES. If you sow good you will reap GOOD things the same goes for evil. So why would this biblical rule be any different for money being sown?

Just think if 30, 60, or 100 thousand people sent you a dollar! The math is amazing! You to can be blessed as well after you start sowing your 200 letters with your name on this list done honestly.

How could a Bible-based rule be called a SCAM this is totally un-educated quotes from those who know absolutely nothing about the bible teaching on the subject of sowing and reaping.

Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete (meet) withal it shall be measured to you again.

The church has been using this method for years, the only difference is that they get richer and we don’t. I find their teaching to be somewhat one sided. Someone hasn’t told us the total truth on seed and harvest. You can’t just sow, sow, sow, and get nothing in return! Remember when you sow seed, that seed has to grow SOMETHING especially if it’s in good ground. God’s word does not lie.. Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, (that) shall he also reap.

The definition MOCKED -- means to prevent something from succeeding in a way that causes frustration or humiliation.

You have to understand that God is not preventing this teaching from succeeding as concerning the Dick Hollman “letter” which has been base so close to the Biblical teaching, in bringing forth a monetary harvest for you.

God’s word is not going to make you feel FRUSTRATED or HUMILIATED, this is coming from those who are not educated in the method of sowing and reaping, and they refuse to go along with this “letter” because they have never been taught to do this or even expect to receive a money blessing back in this manner.

This Dick Hollman “letter” teaches us no different from the teaching given in many church’s and Houses of Worship today they teach the same Biblical method and that is to give, give, give. The only difference with the Dick Hollman teaching “letter” He shows us how to receive what you have sown and more of your harvest back in same matter it was sown... money,

We have to start teaching people that it is ok for us to practice this method, a method that show us how to help one another by sowing seed into each others lives and expect them to do the same by educating them on this method of giving, and knowing that you WILL REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN a $1.00 at a time, if it is done in honesty.

If there has ever been a time it is now for people to pull together and help each other. Gas prices are getting higher and it’s causing food prices to sky rocket, we are not getting paid what we are worth at our jobs. The government isn’t making any effort to help us financially, there isn’t any talk about adjusted cost of living raises in the making. Our politicians aren’t reacting fast enough to make a difference, we have to start helping each other. If we do so hopefully we will be able to reach our hopes and dreams.

I can not tell you if Mr. Dick Holman had this concept of sowing and reaping in mind when he introduced this letter. I can tell you this for sure that God surely had to be with him to touch his heart to be able to put together a system, that simply teaches people how to help one another financially.. If you want me to send you the letter I have been using you can contact me at

Haggai 1:6 ye eat, but ye have not enough; ye drink, but ye are not filled with drink; ye clothe you, but there is none warm; and he that earneth wages earneth wages to put it into a bag with holes.

May the Lord lead and bless you in your decision
to join in with us as seed sowers... Galatians 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

God Bless you all


I am giving this letter a try and will let you know. Here goes nothing if not $200 bucks.

Good luck to all,

why are people putting their names on this mailing list?

what is the mailing list supposed to be for?


WHY? WHY? WHY!!!!!!

can someone PLEASE answer that HONESTLY???

FAITH that is foolishnesss,
not the truth. scam scam scam. whenever you offer somebody nothing for something it’s a scam.

FAITH that is foolishnesss,
not the truth. scam scam scam. whenever you offer somebody nothing for something it’s a scam.

this is to honestly. your not getting something for nothing. you are in fact putting time and effort and yes some money into recieving money. however i to am skeptical about this letter. but it wasnt mailed to me. i was told about it from my cousin. I have actually contacted one of the sixk ppl on the list that i recieved and he told me it was legit. I also 411 the addresses of three other ppl on the list and they matched the ones on the letters. I will not try this until i here back from my cousin. but if he wants to start it for me, whynot. HE HAS made money that i was questionable about, until he told me how he made it. Again this seems legit and on the second hand it seems like a scam. But i am alsmot 100% possible its not illegal. I advise people to try it if you have 200$ to drop. otherwise enjoy your lives and have a good day.

that was my comment above. ppl maybe skeptical if its posted by someone anonymous

Well, if it worked I would be receiving thousands of pieces of mail in my mailbox. The Post Office would have a fit.
Also, the people above who said thatthey would try and report to us--never did.

This is to Faith and others who say this is not a scam. This is a scam. It is also very very illegal in these United States. I know for a fact that not only can you be fined at least $100,000.00 (one hundred thousand dollars) for each instance, there is also prison time involved. The minimum is 5 years for mail fraud. Adding yourself to a mailing list does NOT make this legal. I know this because I did this mailing 10 years ago and was notified by the USPS that it violates the very sections of the title code the letter says it does not violate. Plus, I have a family member that works for the post office. I belatedly checked with him and was told that it was definitely illegal and was prosecutable under the fullest extent of the law. IT WAS THEN AND IS NOW A SCAM!!!! “A fool and his money are soon parted.”


To Faith...forget about the whole “letter” subject, quit using the Bible to justify your means to an end. Shame to you.

For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10

I got this letter today and this is a scam. When first 6 peple at the very begining sent out this letter and earned $80,000 each, roughly they invited 800,000 people to this business. (I believe until this point, it worked, and DATALINK earned $3.6 million) But, if the 80,000 people who sent $6 also want to earn $80,000, DATALINK need 80,000 * 800,000 fresh address total. that is not including first 800,000 people who also received this letter. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE unless you are planing to mail this to other planets. Also think about how much money datalink still make from this silly scam mail lists.

For those who didn’t receive this letter, the reason 800,000 people is needed for make $80,000 is the letter said only 10% of the people you sent out this letter fooled by you.

This letter is a scam and I want to know how these criminals got my address and information. It is also totally illegal and any post office worker will tell you that. I am surprised that chain letters like this still go around because the FBI usually catches it before it gets this widespread.
Whatever you do...DONT LISTEN TO THE MORONS who say that this is not a scam. Use your common sense and save your money (or donate).
Have a nice day.

I received one of these letters last week. Lo and behold, and regretably, i fell into the scam. Im not really sure what made me try to find Dick Hollman, but something was telling me to search this guy out. When I googled him i hit this blog. After reading all the previous comments i decided i wanted to take a step further to get a final legal determination. So i went straight to the U.S. Postal Service website and at the bottom there was a link for the US Postal Insp. Serv. With minimal searching involved i found where it spells out this type of letter (and yes it is called a chain letter), even mentioning some of the dialogue that was used in the letter. So it is illegal. Period. I feel better about reading somewhere that most likely i will never be prosecuted, but i do feel compelled to turn myself in for partcipating and falling for this scam. i wish i could send out letters apologizing to the people that came in on my self adhesive address lables, but i didn’t make a copy of the lables before i stuck them on the envelopes. I feel sooo stupid for falling for this crap. I know i only have myself to blame for allowing myself to be suckered into the letter.
So to any of you that are contemplating participation, please use the web address provided before you make your decision.

Hello, all, I have just taken that stupid letter out of my drawer and was about to go out and do this today, I had my mind set on it, and then I decided to google this stuff out and fell in here! I am so glad I did, I dont feel like an idiot for wanting to try it out! Economy is really not doing well around here so I felt a little desperate, but I rather be broke than in jail! So thank you very much everyone, and faith I agree with the other person about you putting the bible into this! shame on you! good luck to those who did it and let us know aniway if it works! thanks again! lara

well, i believe the bible part about sowing and reaping. We are to help each other out and what better way that $1 at a time? I am going to try it, and I’m going to put the sowing comments into it. As for those who don’t wish to participate, that’s much other junk mail do you throw away every day???

The United States Postal Inspection Service asks that letters of this kind be turned in for inspection. Quote: “Turn over any chain letter you receive that asks for money or other items of value to your local postmaster or nearest Postal Inspector. Write on the mailing envelope of the letter or in a separate transmittal letter, “I received this in the mail and believe it may be illegal.””

How do they get these addresses? I received this letter today from all the way in Missouri, and I can’t believe they’re doing chain letters in the mail again.
Seriously, I’m 16, and it scares me a little that some complete stranger has my address and is sending this around to tons of people. Eugh.

Greetings all. I too was tempted to jump on the self-proclaimed bandwagon of Dick Hollman. The letter I recieved in the mail yesterday paints a complete picture for a fool. By this, I mean all my worries were addressed in the five pages of this scam (yes, faith, i called it a scam. Let’s not trip over definitions as we are neither in a courtroom, nor your sunday school classroom- people are being tricked out of their hard earned money as I almost was. It’s a scam, faith). The testimonials given were television-commercial-grade, kindly-open-your-wallet LIES much like the ones I’ve come to expect from a LONG infomercial. We’ve all fallen for those- How do your abs look, folks? Don’t you use that machine you paid four easy installments of 49.99 to get the privelige of utilizing or puting in your closet until the garage sale? Not to equate an infomercial to a scam, but instead to point out the same techniques are used to get a fool to pick up the phone. I’d like to know where the U.S. Postal Service fits into the mix. If we all jumped onboard, stamp sales would skyrocket. In all their warnings not to participate, no foot has been put down yet. This fact is appearant as we are still getting chain-letters in our mail boxes. I’m stumped. Whomever will benefit from this hoax already has, so don’t waste your money, and as the letter instructed, don’t quit your day jobs.
In conclusion, all the real people (this excludes you, faith) who posted commentaries on this sight inspired me to turn Hollman’s letter into the proper authorities. Besides- as much as this letter takes you back to the days when they were rampant, the only things I will allow to remind me of the 80’s are my early childhood, and the occasional haircut somebody should have been lynched for performing.

Well, if everyone on this page actually did it, and everyone who received it, or at least 10-15% of them did it, it would theoretically work, wouldn’t it?

I received this letter today; scam written all over it. So, doing due diligence, I came across this site. Good discussion, though one point not mentioned is that the Holman letter mentions Oprah, 20/20 and ABC’s investigation team. Does anyone know anything about these sources?

I looked all over the Oprah website for Dick Hollman’s name, and couldn’t find it anywhere. Thank goodness I found this site. No way am I doing this.

I received this letter in may, had planned on doing it and even spent time retyping it and purchasing stamps, I even went as far as ordering 1000 names instead of the 200 instructed, and after reading all the above comments I can’t help but to think if just the people above tried it and said it didn’t work that would give some credibility, I have now researched on a couple of other sites and could find no one who has tried it and said it didn’t work. And of course you can’t really believe anyone who says it did work, because they might be part of the scam. I am a real person, not so dumb to fall for a scam so obvious, but a person who wants to believe in a christ like nation, a person who wants to have hope, a person who believes if everyone did just go ahead and “pay it forward” that at the very least you would be helping the next person out. Some might refer to me as a desperate fool and thats fine, but today is Sunday Sept. 14th 2008, and I promise that in 3 months I will let you know if I have failed, and if that happens then that’s fine. I would rather try and fail over failing to hope and never try!!

On Dec 16th 2008 I look forward to letting you know what happens. And to all those who come across this page from now until then I asked that you wait and check back on that date before posting. And to any who come after you may contact me directly by emailing me at by simply typing “money making scam” into your subject that way I can filter you into a folder so I can respond. I would even be willing to provide you with a phone number for you to give me a call if you wish. I do this to put an end to this debate once and for all. So that whatever I find you will know that I am a real person and since this is the most googled site in regards to Dick Hollman I hope that this will help all who come!!

Again after Dec 16th 2008 you can email me at with “Making Money Scam” in the subject of your email and then we will all know the answer.

Greetings, all. My husband and I received this “chain letter” in the mail today. We asked each other if it could really be possible. Since I work in a law firm, I decided some due diligence was in order. I first wanted to confirm whether these people really exist. Okay, so apparently there is a Dick Holman and he resides in Virginia. I have ways of checking his story as to past financial woes and will be doing so in the near future. As to the names on the list - I found three of six. I have not called them yet. I calculated the initial investment to be $117.52. This seems nominal when I consider the money spent in a year’s time on lottery tickets and scratch-offs. However... if this is a 100% scam then the investment is a 100% loss. Turns out, someone from our hometown sent us the letter. I’m tempted to send him the $1.00 and follow up in a month or so to see if he’s gotten any other responses. If so, that would certainly lend some legitimacy to this thing. For now, however, I remain too skeptical to plunge in. If ANYONE out there has actually done this and it has WORKED, you could sure help those of us sitting on the fence.

So I just recieved one of those exact letters I read about above. I actually considered doing this as well. For a good 2 or 3 mins! Does anyone know if theres anything you can do about these letters, or someone to contact that can help investigate or stop a stupid scam like this. Im 22 years old and struggling a bit myself with money at the moment, but this just makes me mad that people are dumb enough to attempt such a thing. If anyone has any ideas on how to stop these, please let me know.

I have also received this letter in the mail about a week ago. My fiance and I are seriously considering doing it. I honestly don’t see how it can be a scam, the only people who are getting your money are the post office, and the company selling the mailing list. What makes it illegal to send and receive mail? Has anyone actually been prosecuted for this?? Some people have obviously made money from this, and are those people now in prison?

I received a letter that came about 2 wks ago I’m doing it with no questions asked. The only question I have, is why you would not, do it? Are you afraid that your dollar may go to a scam artist or your dollar might be spent on something that you didn’t approve of? Most of us play the lottery donating one-twenty dollars weekly. The odds are higher for us not to win even a dollar than the odds of not receiving a dollar from thru this letter. Then if the winner wants cash up front then he/she will only receive half of the jackpot, is that fair? I haven’t won but I still play. If I don’t get my money back its not that much money that I would loose any sleep over.
There was a story that was similar to this money making ideal on 20/20 couple of summer’s ago. It had a couple of people who asked individuals for money, it worked for them whose to say it wouldn’t work for us. The whole story line shows that it can be done & that was enough proof for me. My out of Pocket expense is less than a half tank of gas. Like most people I have a printer @ home ready to go but let’s say I was to go & buy everything as if I had nothing, I still came out spending less than the quote. Price may or may not include tax this is my town and state prices. You may find for less or more depending on where you shop & live. I found refillable blk. Ink for $10.00 @Walgreens, copy paper $6.00 @ Walmart, enevelopes on sale .24c @Walgreens x4=$1.00, stamps $86.52 you can space out as long as you would like, the mailing list from about list website was $30.00. Hopefully each of you gives it a chance before dismissing it.
I will post results periodically if any money comes in. If anyone wants to ‘try and does not have a letter but would like to have one e-mail I will send it to you.


I received my letter on yesterday from someone in Green acres FL and I live in AL. It is kind of scary how a complete stranger has my mailing address. I also received a similar email chain on August 27 titled, how to make $7000 in 2 weeks starting right now. This chain had 3 names and you send your $20 to the person in the number 1 spot, remove their name, move the other 2 names up, and add your name to the number three spot. I have been so tempted to both of the letters. I have already tried the Ameriplan home based business, which I did not take the time and effort it requires. I wish we could all try it from scratch with our addresses and see what happens. I don’t know I am really thinking about trying it out. Any comments/opinions.....

Well the letter does say..”THIS IS PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE”.I know its illegal, I’ve done the research, I knwo the consecuences..the good ones and the bad ones, howeve, im still deciding.....It could work

Yes, people can and have gone to jail for this letter.

Look up the essay “Chain Letter Evolution” and read the bibliography. Take note of the entries from the year 1935. That’s when the letter really turned from nuisance into felony crime.

is this the scam you guys are receiving? If not has anyone tried or heard of this one?

is this the scam you guys are receiving? If not has anyone tried or heard of this one?

OK, first of all, did everyone see on the first or second page where the letter says its from a retired attorney? Did you notice there are sentences with words missing that your mind fills in, but without which the sentence has no topic or is not complete? It is the first lawyer page or the Dick Hollman (seriously Dickhole Man) page where than is misspelled. What type of experienced lawyer doesn’t dot his eyes and check his q’s so to speak? C’mon? I wouldn’t trust this guy to write a legally binding will, let alone arrange a contract or do paper work for a civil or criminal case. Proofread the thing for two seconds and see what I mean.
2nd of all, this Faith person said “Great Biblical,” exactly what is she/he it quoting there and what does the bible have to do with a chain letter, which this obviously is.

HELLO! the statutes as exactly on this link, and it is legal, totally legal unless the law ir written incorrectly!!! HERE IT IS!!!

Why pay for the list of 200 names when a phone book is free? take out 5 p.o. boxes in cities you can semi easily drive to an put those as the 6 addresses to mail the dollar bills to. you could probably even have those p.o. boxes forwarded to your own home.

technically it will work if EVERYONE follows the instructions, until the pyramid bottoms out. then you have a whole lot of people who paid $170 for nothing. when you take part in these schemes you help do that to those people, or become one yourself.

Whats with all the nay sayers?!! Just give it a try. Use the suggestions from “The Secret”. If you ask that it be sent to like minded people in need who will also send to like minded people in need & that it benefits all who participate - ITS A WIN WIN. Be positive and exited and the Universe will return you positive and exited results. Be negative & thats what you will get.

Have all you negative people gotten negative results?! Thats what you are telling the universe you want. GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE. You get back what you send out.....

This comment goes to faith (may 15th 2007)
My dad recently recieved this letter and came to me for advice on whether to participate in it or not. I have been researching this Dick Holman guy and there is no such man, I am still continuing my research but my comment to you is the following. How dare you mention God and relate him to such disgusting human immorality. I believe in my heart that these chain letters are a scam. My family and I are going through hard times and my father is trying desperatly not to go into foreclosure. Anything that does not come with hard work and effort is not from God. If you fight the battles God will win the war for you. In the biblical tale of Habbakkuk, he rejoiced even though his trees,fruits and land withered away, he dance and sang because he knew that the Lord would never leave his side. True God wants humans to rely on one another but don’t confuse defying scams with genuine generosity. I will advice all of you who are undecided just as I did with my father don’t fall for these letters which are the true definition of temptation and greed. Have faith and believe that no matter what happens and how hard youor economic stuggle is God will always be with you, if you fall he will pick you up again. In your sruggle remember that you want to overcome those challenges with moral dignity and hard earned labor, makes those sweat and tears worth every roll down your face. God Bless

I tried it - sent out over 250 letters on November 14, 2008 - over one month ago. Did not, so far, get any money, not even $1.00. I got back 6 returned addresses not known, and one actually opened it, resealed it with a real nasty letter. I guess I was scammed, but like anyone that tried it, there was hope. I just wonder, out of 250 how I did not get one person interested in it enough to send $1.00. What a sucker I was.

Now that Madoff has gone down, we’re giving up on this, right?

I tried to the tune of $275.00, no on dollar as of Dec 27 - sent the letters out on November 13. Scam if you ask me.

wait...why does it work for some people but doesnt work for others?..i kind of want to try it, risk it, but its still confusing. if everyone just did it honestly, wouldn’t it work?

That is the problem. I think all of the labels that I paid for and were sent to me were all repeat names. Just last week I got another letter, and my name was on the label. I am not responding to the poor guy that is asking for his dollar. Why would I if it didn’t work the first time. This is how the chain gets broken. If I were you I would not spend the time or money on this. If you have one of the letters, hold onto it. If I get some response, I promise to post it here, then you can try. I have this page bookmarked and check it daily for new posts.

In response to Ann’s posts.Sorry to hear it hasn’t worked for you yet,but don’t give up hope yet its only been six weeks.Maybe you did get a bad set of labels, thats possible. But most likely its timing, November and December are bad because people are saving money for and spending their extra funds on Christmas gifts and trips. Some will toss it some will hold on to it and try it after they have recvered from their holiday spending. Also people are to busy this time of year to do the work required to mail 200+ envelopes.And remember a lot of people procrastinate, but eventually take action. Last thing to consider since you haven’t got one dollar yet, is your mail secure?, does any one know you will be getting letters with money that you dont completely trust? Think positive and good luck.

Hi Mike, My mail is secure. I know my mail lady personally. I have not given up hope, it would be wonderful for this to work. BUT, again, I am not sending to the one I just received until something happens with my firs mail. Anyway, like I said, if anything new happens, I will be sure and post so anyone that wants to take a chance can do so.

By the way Mike, I forgot to ask. Did you do this, and did it work for YOU!!

This is directed toward Faith.

If this letter is a seed then, why wasn’t there $1 sewn into the one I opened today? Could I quite possibly be the beginning of this letter/list? Of course, not. If everyone received a dollar with their letter don’t you think there would be no hesitation when tempted? Maybe everyone’s reaping and just not sewing. I might even be willing to place a bet that I’ll get 3 to 4 more seedless letters in 2 months’ time. This seems to be a foolish, fruitless venture, folks, and I plan to send everyone on my list a letter telling them so. I have the envelopes. 6 stamps at $2.52 is a sight cheaper than $84.00 for 200.

Save your money. Give when the cause is obviously worthy. Don’t be sucked in by blind faith to false hope. Giving doesn’t have to be a monetary transaction. You can give time, food, clothing, a ride, a smile, a kind word or a firm hand. I am not wealthy by any monetary means but, I am rich beyond any desires. Work hard. Earn it. Live life. Feel good about accomplishing something. Always dream. DON’T get suckered.

Step away from the letter.

Oh, and as far as Dick Hollman goes, his car was repoed in ‘91, ‘94, ‘00 and ‘01, so far. I’m still researching.

Hi All

I received this letter in November 2008. Those of you that have a problem with this letter. Need to stop and think those that are trying
this are desperate. We are tired of seeing the
people we love struggle and if it works for us.
We can help people by donating to charity. If this works for those that try it all I hope for
is they help other in need.

Good Luck to all that try.

The trouble with charities is people that don’t quite need that kind of help is in fact no help. Charities give items, food etc. These people, like I (which is why I tried it) need cash. Be it to pay bills, mortgages etc. Have you ever even tried to get food stamps? It is a nightmare, tried it many years ago and would never try again. So Brad, Charities are wonderful, for certain things, and yes, if I got help, I would give back.

Hi Ann,

My thing is we as people need to work together
and this idea seems like a good if we have good intentions. Besides how else can we help each other in a high volume. I am so tired of struggling my wife lost her in Nov. last year.
Both our dads died in the two years and our
mothers are on a fixed income.Any suggestions
for those of us who think this is a good idea?

Thank you,

To Everyone,

I know I am not the only one going through this. My other problem is I may be laid off
before the end of this month as we know unemployment, & food stamps are both a nightmare. That is why I am so willing to
try this not to scam someone.


Hey Brad, I feel what you are going through. I lost my parents within the past 3 years, I had a wonderful brother that committed suicide this past September at the young age of 58. We are self employed, both of our sons work for us, have been in business 14 years, and things do not look good right now. It is a scary thing to think there are no paychecks coming in. As far as getting help (food stamps etc) it’s out there, it’s the qualifying and waiting game that hurts. I have tried to get a line of credit to hold us over the next 3 months, but the banks are not budging. We will not loose our business, we have work, but we are seasonal and do not start again till April. So at this point, I will fall behind on everything and ruin our perfect credit rating, which is essential to have when your self employed. As far as this chain letter. Again, I sent 250 out on November 14, and as of today January 8, 2009, have not received any dollars. I was like you Brad, try it, I’ll do my part, send the 1.00 to all six people listed, and boom - nothing. Scroll back up to my first post. I personally would not waste my money again, UNLESS I got some response from my first mailing, and at this point, I give up. You will also see a couple of posts from two people that were going to try it and then let this web site know how they did. I e-mailed both of them and asked them to update, but they have not. I don’t know what to say to you Brad. If I could start a foundation, it would be to help people like you and I. The ones that only need short term help, not a free long term handout. Believe me, I have searched the web for 5 months and there is no help, unless you want to sign up for charity, and then you need to qualify. Keep us posted on what’s going on. If I win the lottery, I’ll send you some money to get you through.

Hi Ann,

It looks like you & I are the only ones chating
on this subject right now. I have an idea that
I want to try with the letter. If it works then I will post the results. Sorry for those
you have lost in family it is never easy. There
is a way that all of can help each other. The problem is every penny we have goes to corperate America. Banks & credit instutions
if we could put them off for a couple of months. We could overcome our debts but they don’t care about our problems.

Morning Brad, I even tried something when I sent it out. I printed a little sheet of paper and enclosed it with each letter. I told everyone exactly what it cost me to send the letters, told them it took a total of about 8 hours to complete the envelopes and asked each person to give it a try. Still no results. That is why I think the labels that were ordered were old names and addresses, and everyone tossed them. Try searching for updated mailing labels, don’t order from the company listed in the letter - that is my opinion. Like I said, I all of a sudden got another letter with my name and address printed on the label. I believe when you order the labels, your name is put on the label list. I by no means don’t want to discourage you in trying, and god knows, I hope it works for you, but unless you truly can afford at least $300 right now, I would say think it through. I check this site a couple of times a day, so I promise if I get any response I will let you know. You are correct, we are basically on our own. No one, including banking institutions are going to budge on letting any of the “BAIL OUT” money go, unless you are absolutely NO RISK, and you know what? there are not very many NO RISK Americans or businesses out there right now. Brad, don’t get to deep before you seek help, especially if your home is at risk. I know, easy to say, but searching will lead you to someone that can help. I don’t mean someone with cash, but someone to help with payments etc.

The “Dick Hollman” letter is nothing more than an age old scam letter designed to get people sending money around for nothing. Sending this letter is illegal and if the US Postal Service wants to come after you, the end result will not be pretty.


Hi Bobba Louie,

Good to see someone else give input on this subject. I know there is a way that we as struggling Americans, can make something like this work. The intention of this letter is something we should be able to learn from.
We should try to find another way to help each other. Not all of us out there intend scam the people it mailed to. People are not giving this a try because they afraid its a scam. Also it may be against the law. If any of us figure this out we need to submit another letter to help the others.

God Bless,

This is to all of the people who get on this site and knock the whole idea, and tell everyone it is a scam and illegal. WHO CARES _ illegal, there’s the government again, can’t keep their hands off $1.00. Always sticking their nose in menial things, get with it Government - go after the real criminals. And all of you that complain and tell us all about the illegal JUNK, again WHO CARES - if you don’t have any good news to spread, stay off of the sites where people are looking for a little comfort and hope. It is bad enough we have to watch and listen to depressing news every day without getting on these sites and listening to the “know it all’s” to. AMEN!!!

I like what you said Ann we should be able to help each other without being penalized.These people that are negative need to mined there own business.At least we have hope why do they feel the need to take this away from us.I am trying to figure out a different way for us to help one another.Soon as I do It will be posted
for the struggling Americans.

Hi Brad, maybe this is illegal, but like I said “Who Cares”. Leave us alone and let us make our own bed and sleep in it. Keep me posted on your idea, and by the way STILL NO MONEY from my mailing.

I recieved my letter today....
I thought about it and decided to do some research. all the names were ligit but to those that quoted the bible it also states not to brake the laws. So after reading all these posts I decided that while I will not be participating I am going to send each of these people the one dollar they are asking for. I am a single mother with 5 children and out of work at the moment and I live on 400 dollars a month. My dad pays the rent with his social security and I handle the utilities with the money I get. I refused welfare because I see to much abuse in the system but I do get food stamps. The point is Hope. We are all down and out especialy those of us who were barely making it before. I want those people to know that there are those of us out here that do care and are willing to help out even if it hurts us. $6 dollars doesnt sound like much but to me it is a pack of diapers. Guess buying myself some shoes to replace the ones I have been wearing for the last 5 years will wait one more month. Hope people Hope. Doing little things with great love. this will be my little thing.
May God Bless each and every one of you.

Angel, I love you. I also love Brad and Ann.

Faith, and others like you, I am concerned about your mental health.

To MommaSarjah- What in the heck are talking about???? Just don’t start any preaching to any of us. We are all mentally fine, it is when someone like you gets into these discussions that the mental status comes out - not in us, but in you. If you are choosing to give us advice, we don’t need it, we have heard it all. We are all stable, just need a little financial help, and believe me we have prayed, it didn’t help. Sooooo-If you want to pray for us, go ahead, but keep it to yourself. If we hit a windfall, we will post it here and let you know.

hey well let me say that it those work i started mailing out in march of i have to say i have bought a two story 2 cars...all before this i was just a local thug.......yall keep yalls head live the american dream....or as i say da mexican dream...

Lalo, Hopefully you are being truthful, otherwise you will just be putting hopes into peoples minds. I personally find it hard to believe, but who knows, maybe you are for real. You must have gotten all hot mailing labels, that’s for sure. No way to verify, so good luck to anyone who believes what Lalo is saying. Not enough posting on the good side of this venture for me to spend any more money. Think it through before you spend your hard earned cash.

I just ordered the labels then like a ninny decided to google and search LOL.. Im trying to decide wether to try this or not... :-)this is the second letter like this I have recieved...

Angel email me if you can. I want to help you out what I can if you will Play it forward when you can...

note: if you havent recieved any money it’s because u must of done something wrong....follow the exact instructions read in between the lines.....

Lalo, I followed the instructions to the tee. I spent well over 8 hours preparing all of the envelopes, put all the labels on, return address labels, everything, and not one thing came back to me except 8 unknown address returns. What do you mean by read between the lines - come on let us know. If I knew a secret to this, I would post to help everyone out. is the email address I used to try this through paypal.Within three weeks money was being posted to my Paypal acct $1 dollar at a time,at first couple times a day then more and more.then it came at 70 then 90 then over 100 bucks a day , just as I realized this worked as it stated , Pay Pal restricted my acct for “Violating their acceptable use policy”.I had to remove the posts from newsgroups and such before they would lift the restriction on my acct.The restriction stopped me from accepting money or withdrawling it.After about three weeks they lifted the restriction and the money started coming right back in as before.Then a week later PayPal did the same bs again.This time for a month and a half. Same result when restriction was lifted, money started coming in again.Then PayPal pulled the same”Violating Acceptable use policy” on me again for the third time and it took six months for them to lift it.When they did the money was rolling in.On the fourth time they closed my acct. What bothers me is paypal wants all my banking and social security and other very private info in order to open acct.Which means while the acct is restricted to me, they have complete access to it.So as the money keeps coming they can keep me from seeing it and keep it for themselves. Besides the mailing list instructions and e-mail addresses the letter I posted to do this sounds like a damn PayPal commercial or satisfied customer testimonial.I know the money keeps going to them and the more I look into it the more it seems like PayPal employees set this up . Think how many millions that would be. If you google you will see 583 search results with that email adress shown in the #1 spot or the#2or #3 spot or the # 5 or the # 4 spot.Think how many times it spread and is still spreading from each of these lists that the search results show.Which means somebody is collecting that money that is still coming in.AND IT SURE AIN’T ME! I worked my butt off posting to so many newsgroups and message boards and creating non spam mailing lists to send this out to.My point being THAT PAYPAL is nothing but a bunch of crooks and that the system does work.JUST DO NOT USE PAYPAL.

Faith, Honey if you knew Jesus Christ and the Word of God you would have never posted the comment in the first place. How we interpret God’s Holy Word is for each of us individually. I pray the Will Of God into your life today Faith. I really mean that. And if it is God’s will for you to continue down this path then let His Will go forth. But I want to say this, did you know it took the Israelites 40 years to make an 11 day journey? And if so do you know why? Read and find out!! Have a blessed day in the Lord.

the only problem i had and am still having was and is pay pal. therefore the obvious conclusion is to eliminate paypal. Take the 6 most recent postal addresses for 6 dollar mailing list that you can find using a search engine. Mail them each a dollar,then post these 5 addresses plus yours that you added to the bottom to as many newsgroups and message boards and wherever you can post it.At the very least post it to 200 different places.This should actually work.since paypal cant not stop the payments from coming in through postal mail it might just work,PAYPAL also took 33 cents off of every dollar that I did recieve.nothing like greedy crooked partners to work with huh? #$#%& Them.

the total amount for me last month was 2,500....easiest even a lil kid can make this money.....oh an stop writting about god this isnt the place for that discussion...oh yea i my self dont like paypall.....i need more people to start mailing so more money can start moving around a lil bit faster

the total amount for me last month was 2,500....easiest even a lil kid can make this money.....oh an stop writting about god this isnt the place for that discussion...oh yea i my self dont like paypall.....i need more people to start mailing so more money can start moving around a lil bit faster

I agree on the God note - this is not the place. Anyway Lalo, fill us in. HOW, I did everything to the tee (unless I didn’t read between the lines) Still not one envelope with one dollar arrived. So what is the secret? It is not fair for you to post good earnings, and not share with us what you did.

Coulple of things wrong here. If there are those making $$ here and in fact it`s illegal, do you think they`re gonna crow about it? I know I wouldn`t. If Dataline is a scam why not get your mailing list from somewhere else, or take the time and copy them form your White Pages. The PayPal thing from smrb/Lalo sounds fishy too, but if I`m scamming and then someone scams me too bad for me

Wow, interesting comments here. A friend of mine received this letter and asked me to come over and take a look at it and help him with processing it.
I took it home and before re-typing everything (it was a very poor copy he received), I decided to Google Dick Hollman and found this site. After reading these comments and others that were on Google, I’m going to advise my friend against this.
Last April, I was laid off my managerial job in the Oil & Gas industry and I decided to try to find a way to earn an income from home using the internet.
I fell hostage to a lot of schemes and lost money but through my diligence have finally found some legitimate ways to earn an income and although I’m not making a lot of money, I am making money.
I can now set my own schedule, have time with my horses and training my dog for Agility Trials.
I’m not self promoting here but I will give you the link of the program (Project Payday) that gave me the tutorials to start “Freebie Trading”.
If you’re going to spend $200+ dollars buying hope that this chain letter works, why not spend a fraction of that educating yourself instead and get immediate results?
I’ve made a little over $300 since starting Freebie Trading on 12/25/08. That’s a ‘Whoop-ti-do’ amount but as I learn more about this, my earnings will increase. And the cool thing is the payment is instantaneous! I finish a trade and the trader puts money in my PayPal account. I verify it, then give them a rating and move on to the next trade.
This takes work but I’d rather be working at home than an 8 to 5 job. I have to tell you here that I have a part-time job (I was working 3 part-time jobs!) while building this online business so I can make ends meet. I have no plans to quit this part-time job as I’m working at with show horses and am enjoying that. I also have a pet sitting business that generates income.
It sounds like there are people here who are searching for ways to help themselves as well as others.
My suggestion is to help yourself first - you can’t give away what you don’t have. With that said, believe in yourself and your worth, think of how you want to live instead of how it how it is and better things will come to you. That’s the Law of Attraction.
Okay, enough preaching. Here’s the link if you want to take a look Freebie Marketing:
If you have any questions or want more information feel free to YIM me; user name: choo_ml or send me an email at
Here’s wishing everyone success in their ventures.

Hi everyone. I just spent the last 90 min reading this blogg for the first time. (I’m a slow reader.) I received this letter about 2 weeks ago and just placed 200 letters in the mail today. I hadn’t done any research before the mailing. Don’t know why. Dumb huh! After researching several bloggs, I still would have sent the letters anyway. The only part I regret about not researching first is some of the suggestions on this blogg. Ann did not receive one reply from her mailing and she even received the letter again. It apears I made a mistake by order the mailing list from the Data Line. It makes sine now that most people would order the list from them as suggested in the letter. I’m going to see how this first mailing works. Someone suggested using the white pages from the phone book. That’s a lot of copying but a good suggestion. Another way and it’s free would be to go to and pick a last name and State and you will get all the names and address listed. However, if you pick a name like Jones, the search is to big for anywho and it won’t give you any results. You may need to put the last name and a first initial. Still a lot of work. It’s easier to buy a mailing list, although I am thinking about using As some people have stated, I spend more than $200 in lottery tickets and get very little in return. In fact, I’ll bet the odds of winning the lottery are greater than this letter working. I figure it’s worth a try. Now, I did talk to my local postmaster before I did this and he advised against it, but didn’t say I would get arrested for it. He thought it was a waste of time an money because most people will throw it away. I, unlike some others, will keep you posted on my progress, or lack thereof.

Hi Richard, Good luck to you. No I did not receive one envelope back and it has been over 2 months. I hope it works for you. I’m not sure about the ones that are posting positive things about this. They don’t give us any information on how to get the dollars coming in. Anyway, Richard, again good luck and keep us posted. Oh yes, after I sent out my letter, I did receive another letter - so Data Line, I’m sure adds your name to their mailing list.

Hey Richard, I too received the letter and am thinking about sending a mailing. Here’s my two cents regarding where you get your list. If you buy it from a good list company that markets to opportunity seekers other than Data Line, you might receive very good results. I believe that Data Line’s email list is useless at this point for obvious reasons. The problem I see with is the fact that those people have not requested information about a home based business opportunity. I think your results would be lower than buying a good list from a marketing firm. But...... who knows!!! LOL Good luck.

Hi Ann and Richard. Thanks for the support. I plan on sending a second mailing the first week of March no mater what happens with this one. I’ll give an update then. I don’t expect much money by then, it will only be 30 days.

Just a little reminder for everyone that is worried about strangers having there name and address YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND PHONE # IS IN THE PHONE BOOK.

Your address is also sold when you purchase something over the net, through magazines or your local store. That’s where marketing firms develope mailing lists.

Just an update. I mailed my letters out a week ago Monday. To my surprise I have received 6 responses, 5 had a $1 and one had a letter wanting me to send them money. This one was different. This one was from a female attorney and wanted you to send $20 to the name on the top of the list. A big problem with this letter is this attorney has a spelling and grammer problem. Also, the 1 testimonial has the same spelling and grammer problem so it was obvious the same person wrote the letter and testimonial. I may be off to a good start but I am still skeptical.


Great Richard, that is more than I got - since I got none. Did you get your list from Data Line? If not, where did you get them and how did you find the list. One week, that is so cool. maybe this will work for you. Good Luck!

Ann, I used Data Line. Maybe people are responding because of the economy. I don’t really expect a lot of responses. I am currently revising this letter for my mail out I will be doing the first week of March. I have to get 2 more names to put in the letter to receive money. If you would like me to put your name in it, send me your address to It won’t cost you anything and you may get some money. I will send you a copy of the letter when I send it out. I’m not going to use data line this time.

Hi Everybody,

My name is Anthony and I am a college student, I have spent the last 3 hrs going over this web site because I also have recieved the Dick Hollman letter and I just wanted to add my own few cents in.

I have been thinking about this letter for a little bit and as of 3 days ago send out about 150 of them and like you all I was concerned about if this will work, I mean it sounds legit and all but then y would people fail at it? The answer to that is easy and I only thought of 2 reasons as to why it wouldnt work....
1) Some people obviously would think of this as a scam and throw it out
2) they cheated and didnt send the $1 to the 6 names on the list (bad karma anyone?)

But then I started thinking as to how to make this work and the answer is actually quite simple and in front of all of our faces of thoes who are reading this site.......Its this site!!! We are all interested at least a little bit as to wether this works or else we wouldnt have put the time into doing the reasearch right? So I was thinking I plan on doing this %110 honestly and if it is done like this there is NO WAY it could possibly fail, the only thing stoppping anybody from making tons of money is particitapion. So I figure this is the best site to reach people interested in this letter and i came up with a solution:

IF u actually plan on doing this letter y dont you give me your name mailing adress and I will send a letter to you, My email is (even if your not totally sure yet do it anyway its costing me the $ do mail it not you)....According to the letter All we need is 7.5% of the people that recieve the letter to respond to recieve the $800,000 and through this website we can VASTLY increase that percentage.... in the last 15 day about 11 people have just responded to this thread not to mention all the people that have just read what do u have to loose? how hard is it to raise $200? Im in college paying for my tution, rent and all of my expenses by myself and I could afford to do it. And Since I have posted this I truly believe my chances of not haveing to work for the rest of my life have increased by that much more.....

So in closing i just wanted to add this last statement to think about.......At the end of the day is it really not worth the risk of such a small ammount for a possibility such a high return of cash? I may not be sure if this will work for me but the one thing I am sure about is how much you will make if you throw that letter out....

Once again if anything i have said has interested you my email is

Thank you for your time

I can’t believe this has been out and about for 2 years now. I bought my envelopes and made my copies and I purchased my mailing labels from dataline. Then I decide to do my research, WHY?! I would mail out my letters but I’m worried that my husband will the hate mail that get returned to me...and he will not be happy. I thought that if this worked I’d be the hero...even if the success rate wasn’t quite as successful as the letter even says. I’d be grateful for 50 cents from the 7.5% people we sent out mail to. Well, guess I’ll burn my letters and mailing lists and live the life I’ve been dealt.

Roberts why would u throw it out? I mean u already bought almost everything and invested most of the time needed so y stop the job u started? I say finish it and mabey ull be the hero mabey u won’t but u won’t know till u try

Got this in the mail 2-14. As tantilizing as this is to believe, here’s what I think: this company (Data Line), places who make copies (i.e. Kinkos, Office Max) and the US Post Office are the only companies making money off this.

Anyone who says it works to the tune of 800K+ either works for Data Line or lives in an alternate reality. I don’t doubt limited success (recovery of your $201.00 investment) but until I read of someone who has had a success to the tune of 60K in a year (atleast) AND shares the details of how it was achieved, I will not budge from my opinion.

Has anyone considered that you do need a business license to be in the mail order business? What of the IRS? You DO get locked up for stiffing the IRS. Surely to be honest- as many here want to be- you will pay your Alternative Minimum Tax as required on income of over 250K.

My hunch is anyone who’s had success- say 2,500 or more- will not reveal all here because they know Uncle Sam will find out. Do you know how much tax you pay on 800K? Me either. And you’ll never convince me over an electronic form of communication that you did. Get yourself on Oprah, Larry King Live or how about Suze Orman’s program and show America what you did with all your 800K+. Show America your suitcases full of one dollar bills and your bank account balance on national TV- maybe CNN. C’mon!- with all the raging success you’ve had surely you can spend the money to buy time on cable to “Show us the money!” Oh and while you’re at it send everyone on this list here who’s obviously in great need about 10K to help them out. Is there anybody like that out here, there or anywhere from this letter??? yeah, I thought so.

Hey Sharon, Read up a few posts - you are the kind of people we don’t want posting here. If you don’t like it, don’t worry about it and don’t comment on it. Everyone has their dreams and wishes, even though we know it may not work. So, if you don’t want to try it, fine, your choice, but don’t loose any sleep over the ones that are willing to, or already have tried. I am one of those that chose to try, and did not make one red cent. I was honest, told everyone when I sent the mailings, and that I thought it was not going to work, but also told them it is their decision to make. So again, don’t worry about what other people of doing, worry about yourself.

So noted Ann. Thanks! And yes I am following my own dreams. As an etreprenuer I have a 1 in 423 chance to be a millionaire. My husband and I are headed that way. And don’t assume. I did read all the posts. I am aware that negative posters are not welcome but please read my post carefully and note I don’t refute it works to a degree. Only that it can’t work to the tune of 800K+ THAT’s the person I want to see on television.

Also in my defense I’d like to point out that I hadn’t seen anyone comment on the need to report earnings from this program to the IRS or that you do need to have a business license. Can you knock me for trying to be a concerned, helpful fellow small business owner?

My apologies if I offended. Good luck to you and all here in your dreams. I know well that you need to believe in yourself to achieve your dreams despite the naysayers. Who, I might add
exist in ANY industry. As a writer I am quite familiar with rejection and naysayers- face to face even not just in email. I have learned to develop a tough outer skin as it is vital to success in pursuit of any dream.

Thank you for reading and again, Good Luck to all! Peace

Sharon, I did not mean to be a b----. I just know where these people are coming from - at this point, everyone is so sick of the government and IRS they are willing to take a chance, even if it means “Illegal”. The government takes it from you even if you don’t have it, so they take their chances, even at a risk. Your right, it probably won’t work, it didn’t for me, but the ones that are still trying, well maybe it will, and if it does, hopefully they will let us kn.w

Nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe. I’m glad explained myself a little better the second post. -lol

I’d love to know if it works too.

Me to. Lets see what happens

Hi guys I havent posted in a little bit but i decided to come back to this site and see how the comments were going and how everybody that did the letter was doing and i came back to let everyone know how i was doing.

About a week ago i mailed out 115 letters and posted on this site cuz i figured id contact more people that way and might try to pull us all together to work on this since it seemed like the best way to find out that”If we all follow the rules, we can all come out ahead.” and as of today i have had three response mailings and i have about 3 of my friends interested in doing it so far.....and according to the letter thats 6 out of the 7.5% that i need for the ball to get rolling on this.....i dont know if it will work but i am already invested in this so im going to try and give it my all to see it succeed or else i would have wasted my money.

If anybody else would like to try it this way with me my email is re-typed the whole letter because the one i got was a crappily photo-coppied version and it is much cheaper to print our the coppies on a computer and i would be more than willing to email it to you.

best of luck to anybody that may try this

What Anthony hasn’t mentioned is that he’s also a registered sex offender...

Do you really want to listen to a man who thought he could cure AIDS by having sex with infants?

cranked off - Ok - you don’t just come on here and leave a post like that and not get into explaining more. How do you know this?

HAHAHAHA Cranked off ur are a deuche bag and that was an unneccessary comment

Not that my personal life should affect my mailing list or attempts of making it more sucessful nor should it be any of your concern but no I am not a sex offender I am 20 yrs old i go to college and have a steady girlfriend for quite a while
But thank you Crank for being an idiot to a complete stranger who is just trying to ensure that his mailing list has the best chance it can get for not only himself but for the people who would like to see it work for themselves

And thank you to the posters who alerted me to this morons useless post

Anthony, Glad you caught on so quickly. Do you know who this “cranked off” is? If you do, I would somehow report him (HER), if not, how in the heck do you find out who it is? I am gathering by your post that this is a prank.

Yea i guess its a prank.....a really bad one but whatever responding to that idiots post rly isnt worth my time Ive got mailings to do haha

I agree, that was sick.

However, Anthony dearie, you’ve now been reported to the police for conspiring to commit fraud and recruiting other people to commit felonies to enrich yourself.

Did you forget that when you emailed me, I could forward the email headers to the authorities?


Sarah, where in the heck did you come from? Do you search the web looking to get people in trouble?

I came in from the Museum of Hoaxes,
Ann dearie.

Anthony’s been spamming us the
last several days. He’s also hit, the MMFHOH, and likely
more places I don’t typically

I don’t like spam.

Oh, and if anyone’s interested,
here is the email communication
Anthony and I had.

--- On Mon, 2/16/09, Anthony Crescimanno wrote:
From Anthony Crescimanno Mon Feb 16 00:13:12 2009
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=pass (ok);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (HELO ( by with SMTP; Sun, 15 Feb 2009 16:13:12 -0800
Received: (qmail 73193 invoked by uid 60001); 16 Feb 2009 00:13:12 -0000
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024;; h=X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Reply-To:Subject:To:In-Reply-To:MIME-Version:Content-Type:Message-ID; b=EDrTZmcV4nMZ71m5l5oddXdUgftFuiqrCarOA3r2SdCDrOCKDnl4WAIZzfRkJiw7A/qHnTPcUUdAcxa+/nbC7Ge7iYSExqMAjQ8/xZYIO2fnUSh7S4DKP4sH2AHMLJQRNqBiouD99moeQhL6ELrpMToHBFuKyugw03Y9J7vwGpw=;
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Sun, 15 Feb 2009 16:13:12 PST
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 16:13:12 -0800 (PST)
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified
Anthony Crescimanno
Subject: Re: Anthony dearie, why don’t you...
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Length: 1492
> Dear Sarah Lee,
> Listen i didnt do this to start any problems, i did this to
> actually find out if it could work and like i said before i
> know how much i would make if i didnt do it so i might as
> well take a chance.....and posting on that website was just
> to try help ensure that it actually did succeed.....but
> instead of seeing hope in it everybody decided to just shun
> the idea at mabey together we actually can help each
> other...
> ..........o and by the way if getting 7.5% of 100 people
> means getting $800,000 like the letter says do u realize 2%
> is $213,333.......and thats if u get replies only 2 people i
> dont know about you but that seems pretty damn easy
> Anthony
> --- On Sat, 2/14/09, Sarah Lee
> wrote:
> > From: Sarah Lee
> > Subject: Anthony dearie, why don’t you...
> > To:
> > Date: Saturday, February 14, 2009, 6:50 AM
> > ....send a copy of your letter to President Obama?
> >
> > That way, you’ll get arrested by the Secret
> Service and
> > stuffed into a prison cell, not having to worry about
> your
> > finances for another 5-30 years.
> >
> > You see, dearie, anyone in marketing with half a brain
> cell
> > would look at the numbers in that latter and know it
> is a
> > scam, because you just don’t get responses in such
> as
> > high percentage in the real world. Even in flush,
> prosperous
> > times, a return of 2% from a mail campaign is a good
> result.
> > 7.5% is pie-in-the-sky wishful dreaming.
> >
> >
> > Sarah Lee

How did he get your e-mail address to spam you?

Update. It’s been 3 weeks since I sent out my letters and have received a grand total of $8. Will send out my second set sometime after the 1st of the month. If it works, great. If not, oh well, I will stop. I don’t expect to make $800k. If I can just make 3 or 4 k I would be satisfied. However, statistics show at best I will just get my investment back.

Thanks for the update Richard - good luck!!!

Best of luck to you Richard I hope it works out for you.

And yes I have put the posts on multiple websites...figured id get as many peoples attention as i possible could.

And for the record Sarah lee i didnt spam you at all you contacted me first if you remember and i was just nice enough to respond and yes that is a copy and paste of our correspondance......didnt realize that i should just ingore people instead of being nice and replying to your email i guess that is my mistake.

And as for Ann and Richard I am very glad there is at least some nice people with kind or constructive things to say thank you very much

You didn’t spam my personal email,
you spammed our forums.

Get a clue, Anthony. Deal drugs, not
pyramid schemes. The penalties are
softer when you get caught.

Haha your absolutly right i def should start dealing drugs as opposed to finding out if a money making scheme is possible

Thank you Sarah u have shown me the errors of my ways

Hi Everyone,

I have not posted any thing for a long time.
I can’t believe some of the things people are
posting now. Sarah Lee & Cranked if you don,t
like this concept of helping eachother. We don’t need your negative responses. Ann & Anthony there are other ways to help eachother.
But I still have not sent out the letter. The PayPal idea was something I thought of trying
glad I did not. Banking institutions and other
parts of corp. America don’t want us to help eachother because we won’t need them. They want to have control over all our money. If
we don’t get loan through them they are screwed.

Hi Brad, You are probably correct, but unfortunately the banks are not lending. No worry for them, they are collecting high interest rates, fees and more fees to pull them through not including our BAIL OUT which sucks!!

Hey Richard, just checking to see how your mailings went, haven’t heard from you since Feb22

I have read these blogs over and over again. I truely was hoping to find some useful information on here. Thank you to Brad and Ann for being the most realistic of the bunch. All the other stuff is just garbage really. Is it helping us find out for sure if this is legal or not, is it helping us find out if it works or not. Heaven only knows that like millions of hard working Americans out there, we still cannot make ends meet. We still can’t afford to live in this day and age. I don’t care if I can’t make 800,000 dollars. But a couple thousand would sure be helpful at this time. Does it or does it not work? Does anyone know. I have researched all the information in my letter, such as the Postal Codes it says to check out, there is a website of some guy that is a dead end. Some of the addresses appear to be real but when I investigated them, 3 of the 6 were just vacant lots in some city. I don’t want to give up as we are in dire straights right now without a good running vehicle and 2 people that need transportaion to work and back. We live in a small town, population around 5000 so there is no mass transit system here. We depend on our vehicles to get us back and forth. We loaned our truck to an older friend, like many times before, however he blacked out while driving our truck, luckily it had a heavy bumper and the man was not hurt at all but the truck was totalled. He, like us does not have the money to replace it even though its an older vehicle. So, yeah, like so many other people in the world, we have a “woe-is-me” story. Sure would be nice if just once, one of these things would work.
If anyone out there has had any luck with this, please let us all know.

This is to Anthony. I like your attitude. Please let us know if you get any results. And I am with you all the way on this. If we can get ppl to think about this and all do it together, the chances are better, right?
I will be sending you an email shortly.

Hi Chris, Thank you for the compliment. You know, if you read my posts, I really can’t give advice on trying this or not. I was truthful when I said I sent out 250 mailings in November 2008, and I did not get any response at all. I had my hopes up. I have a business that is in really bad shape right now. I have searched everywhere for help, and this seemed perfect. My Little Bit of Advice is, if you have the extra $200.00 or so, you may want to give it a try. I just don’t know where to tell you to get your list, but I would not use Dataline. Good luck in whatever you do, and I hope things look up for you soon. Ann

Ann, I will be mailing my second mail out one day next week, hopefully. I didn’t have to money to get a new list and stamps until today. I ordered my list from A1 Opportunity Seekers, 250 names for $30. It has been 4 weeks since I sent my first mail out and have received $8. If all 8 sent out 200 letters, then that means my name is in the #5 possition on 1600 letters. Of course, I have to trust that those 8 people followed the instructions and kept my name on the list. We will see. I am still very skeptical about this. When I send out my next mail out, that will be my last one if it doesn’t work. Like I told you before, I have completly redone the letter. I am hoping it works. I’ve cut the letter down to 3 pages. People don’t like reading lengthy letters and it will also cut my costs down. 2 pages is a lot money. Only 2 of the pages have the information and the 3rd page has the 6 names. This also makes it easier for people to add their name, only one page to deal with. I’ll let you know when I send the letter out and will also keep this blog updated on my first mail out. I’m going to give both mail outs 90 days. If I don’t receive enough money to make it worth my while, then I will stop. So, I will be keeping this blog updated about every 2 to 3 weeks for the next 5 or 6 months.

Chris, I was able to only verify 4 of the 6 names on the list I received, however, none of the $1 I sent to them came back. On my next mail out, since my letter is new and fresh, I am using the names from the people that sent me a $1. I know those address are valid. Besides, it’s only fair that I use them since they took a chance on me. Richard

Thanks for the update Richard, and again good luck and look forward to hearing from you soon with some GOOD NEWS:)

hello everyone,
i have read the entire blog, i laughed and cried because some of you are just to funny and willing to throw your hard earned money at anything.
i agree with someone who stated america is hurting and no one is leading money, bailing out is helping who?? but at the same time i am not going to throw away my funds. think about people the only ones making money here, is the mailing list company (duh).
at this point, you have a better chance with lotto ticket or vegas tables.
i will be praying for everyone and make better decisions with your funds because they are hard to come by these days. you spend $200 to gain $8??
i have my own at home business, so there are many other ways to make money!
enjoy the rest of your day.

Hi Stephanie, I guess if you read the whole blog, it did not sink in to you how desperate some of these people were (and still are) Maybe you are successful right now with your business,(which could change in a blink of an eye) and that is great, but there are many people on this site that do not have any income, or very little. Many, I would assume, have possibly lost their jobs - which in itself is terrifying. What is your home business. Maybe you can share it with us and possible let some of the people on this site get some information. That is the whole problem. Everyone has their opinion, but the ones that are not hurting, voice their opinion, but do not lend any hopeful words, if you know what I mean. That is what they need. Not to hear someone say they are wasting their money, and then another shot at how well you are doing. I back the people on here for trying, but I also tell them that I tried and it failed, but it is their decision on trying it themselves. You will get battered on this site for a negative outlook. Read back through, there have been a lot of negative opinions, but these people are still trying.

I have also recieved the letter for the second time and feel like a chump for not researching more before I dove in. I have four kids and my husband is a contractor(enough said) we are drowning like everyone else. I am desperate and know that the logic is sound and if we all did it we could all help each other out. I don;t know if it’s legal or not but, the government is throwing away our money left and right . That seems way more illegal and unethical. Good Luck to everyone and email me and let me know how it has worked for you. To everyone who has been so negative get off your high horse and stop judging people. I am a good christian who believes in helping your fellow man in any way you can, that’s all anyone is trying to

Hi Nichole, I agree, leave the ones alone that are trying to do some good, and possibly get a little in return. Times are tough, there is nothing anyone can say to make people feel better when they are struggling so hard to make ends meet. We are waiting for Richard and possibly Anthony to update us on their progress. Have a good day:)

I too have received Dick’s letter and found your blog page while researching similiar scams. These are the “signs of the times” of predators looking to take advantage of the desparate. Many in my industry of manufacturing have similiar testimonies, but it is a wake up call to the masses of how corrupted our society has become from Wall Street to Main Street. We the people of the United States of America not only pay the price for freedom with our blood but now we have sold our childrens future to the taxman. We have got to start talking about solutions at a grass roots level to generate a Sunami accros this Nation. We have at our finger tips one of the most powerful communication devices ever invented, and yet we use it often times for selfish gain, instead of getting to the core and finding equitable solutions for each other. How many of you would donate your six dollars to the man above that needs a vehicle? How many of you would donate your knowledge, used clothing, furniture, appliances to the men and women who protected your freedom and yet can’t find a jop to support themselves or their loved ones. These are baby steps that can must be taken. The “moral compass” that this country was founded upon will give way to anarchy if we don’t start helping each other. Gun sales have gone through the roof since January-09. Each of you come up with ten different ideas to cut your living expenses, grow food, capture potable water. we can weather the storm together and be a better person for it. I’ve used these ideas in third world countries as a missionary. I would like for all of you to find solutions for each others needs. Thanks for letting me vent a little. LJ

My second mailing will go out tomorrow. I am doing it in 2 stages. 100 letters tomorrow and 100 letters next week. I created my own letter that is totally different from Dick’s letter. I will let everyone know in about 2 weeks if I am receiving any responses to the letter. An update to my first mailing the first week of February. It has been about 6 weeks and I have received a total fo $18. $8 was from my mailing and $10 from the 8 people that sent out their letters. At this time, I really don’t expect to receive enough money to pay for the first mailing. But who knows, 10 more people sent out the letter.

Good going Richard, let’s have some good old Irish Luck - we all need it and I think deserve it.

Update: I received a call yesterday from someone who received the letter from my first mail out. (Yes, people can get your phone #. They have your name and address.) The letter he received has my name in the #2 position. That means a lot of people have sent out this letter from my original mailing or some of the names have been removed and other names pushed up on the list to make room for friends and/or family. If the first was done and my name was truely supposed to be in the #2 slot, then I should have received @ $50,000 by now instead of $18. That means a lot of people are sending out the letter without sending th $1 to the people on the list or they are replacing the names with friends and/or family. Either way, they are not following the instructions and there is no way to control this. My second mailing went out yesterday and I am hopeful it will work. I made changes to the letter that I think will help. However, if the above trend continues, then there is no way this will work. I am waiting to see how my second letter fairs before I make a final judgement. By the way, the man that called me said he is going to send out the letter and send me the $1.

Hi Richard, He probably called to see if you were a legit person. To be honest, before I sent mine out when I got my letter, I did search the 6 names on and found a couple of the people, but I did not call. Anyway, thanks for the update. Let’s see what happens.

Hi everyone!I am Julie Ali! After reading everyones’ blogs I am certain of a few things.
#1. It is not a scam.... If everyone who decides to do the program sends the six dollars and mails 200 letters then it is very possible to make lots of money. However it scares me to think that I might lose my entire investment because people just dont follow the rules. Richard said that his name was already in second position. That means that alot of people did not follow the rules. But it also gives some hope because it at least it lets us know that people arent just throwing the letters away. (at least they are circulating)
#2. It is legal.... but only if you do it properly. When you send your six dollars you have to be sure to include a note to each of the six people with your name and adress requesting them to add you to their mailing list.
#3. Their are different variations of the letter floating around..... I also have recieved a letter from none other than Mr. Dick Hollman. In the letter that I have recieved their are very detailed instructions on what to do to make this most affective.some of the instructions include:
~Send your letters as soon as you recieve your mailing labels (the list is still fresh)
~Keep track of all the people who have sent you money. File your responces alphabetically and always keep the (add me to your mailing list) letters from your “clients.”
~Keep accurate records the IRS will want to know where you got the money.

I definately think that I have recieved a good and understandable letter. Maybe it didnt work for other people because their letter was to complicated. If you think yours is to complicated then you should probably do what richard did and change it. And for hevens sake...... check the grammer before you print it!
haha good luck to everyone... Including myself...
P.S. I am mailing 200 letters first thing in the morning.

I Think I’ve Just Came Up With How To Make The So Called Illegal Chian Letters Legal.It Is Said That Just Sending The Letter Are Illegal.What If You Sell The Letter First Then Send Them.Your Not Requesting Money For & Item Already Sent.You Are Selling It.Welcome To The Mail Order Business.....

Actually City, sending the letters is not illegal. Recieving money without offering a service is illegal. That is called a “gifting program”
This program can not be labeled as illegal because the person is paying to be on your mailing list. Kind of like a magazine subscription.

Good morning everyone! I would like to talk to Ann, Brad, Richard and anyone else who is realy serious about this. I think I have come up with a great plan to make this work, but I need some partners. Anybody who is realy serious about this can please email me at You should type
“the plan” into the response column that way I know that it is you. Thanks Guys....... I hope to hear from you soon.

Where are you guys? I have a realy great idea and I cant wait to tell you all about it. Email me if your interested!

Hi Julie, can you tell us on this site a little about your idea? There are a ton of people who check this out, so many more would be interested. What do you mean by partner? How about it, just a little more information would get you more response.

Sorry Julie, Ann did not show up all the way

Hi Ann. Thank you for responding. Well the idea I have is going to take a little bit of work but if we all chip in then it will be easy.

I am scared to say much else because I dont want some one to steal my idea.
But I will say this..... I already am creating a wesite for the idea and I believe that this revised plan will have many more followers than Dick Hollmans!

Hi everyone. I decided to post my new website adress so you guys can check it out. The website is not completely finished yet, but you guys can take a look.
There is a blog on the website as well as a chat room. So if you guys have any suggestions or if you want to become a partner, then just leave me a message on one of those.
Thanks and good luck to all!

Nice website Julie. I’m thinking things over.

Thank You Ann.
I can’t wait to get this started.
I’m very excited!

Hi, everyone.
I will be out of town for a couple of days, so please don’t think that I am ignoring anyone.
My cousin is sick and I need to travel to florida. Talk to you guys when I get back.

My name is Tyler. I have been following along on this for a month so far and did my own research as well. First of all I just want to mention to Julie Ali that your site came out pretty good. My wife and I did not “dive in” yet due to having a young family and like everyone, budget is quite tight. What Julie Ali is proposing, it can actually work.

Julie’s site appears to be down.
And I suspect that law enforcement may have been involved.

“Works” and “legal” are to entirely
different issues. What she’s proposing is
is illegal. Making a mailing list doesn’t
turn a chain letter (illegal by
definition when money is involved) into
an honest business. That’s been tried hundreds
of times in the past, and gotten the
triers in hot water with the law
most of the time.

What was the saying again, those who
fail to learn the lessons of history
are doomed to repeat them, or something
like that?

Iron Crag Baggler - Julies site is not down. I just got on - you must have not typed the right address. Where do all of you negative and depressing people come from anyway?

Hi Tyler, I don’t think the site is fully operational just yet anyway for you to join. She had to go out of town, but keep reading here for updates.

I have visited Julie’s web site and it doesn’t appear to be illegal to me. Then again, I’m not a lawyer. It is no more legal or illegal than what I am doing. Besides, all these people talking about how illegal these letters are and now Julie’s web site, can they site 1 prosecution? I have never seen anything on the news, and I am a news junkie, or in my serches on the web about anyone being prosecuted for these letters. Julie’s is the first web site I have seen concerning this. I’m holding my comments until she has completed it. For now, I’m continuing with my project. It may work and it may not. Just as Julie’s, it may work and it may not. You don’t know until you give it a shot. I may or may not join Julie, but either way, I wish her luck in her venture. Iron Crag Baggler, can you cite a law that states Julie’s web site is illegal? Do you know for a fact someone has been prosecuted for sending out these letters or using the internet? Are you a lawyer? If so, back up what you are saying. If not, then your comments are not worth the time you spent writting them. What’s that old saying, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Why does the Postal Service care about this? This scam/ business is getting people to spend a LOT of money on stamps. With the advent of e-mail, I would have thought they would appreciate the business. This is really funny stuff!

Good job Richard, and to Anonymous, I agree with you on your comments. I know our mail delivery person very well, and I just talked to her about how much mail delivery she IS NOT doing anymore, so I think they would welcome the business. They are thinking of going to a 5 day work week.

Considering that the Postal Service
loses money on mail, that idea just doesn’t fly.

Here are a few articles of interest, and on-topic
to the subject at hand (Julie’s plan):,9171,754772,00.html

And yes, I can cite a law that her site will break the moment the first letter goes out.
Title 39, Sec. 3005

It forbids certain kinds of things from being sent through the mails.
See judge’s comments in the case

I’ll also quote the judge from

“5. Respondents’ program constitutes a lottery or scheme for the distribution of money by chance. Conclusions of Law

1. The first issue for consideration is whether Respondents violated 39 U.S.C. § 3005, which provides for a mail stop order when it is found that . . . any person is engaged in conducting . . . a lottery gift enterprise, or scheme for the distribution of money or of real or personal property, by lottery, chance, or drawing of any kind. . . .

The necessary elements of a “lottery” are the furnishing of a consideration, the offering of a prize, and the distribution of the prize by chance. Brooklyn Daily Eagle v. Voorhies, 181 F. 579, 581, (1910); Tenpen Sales Corporation, P.O.D. Docket No. 2/35 (May 10, 1961). A simple chain letter has been held to constitute a lottery. United States v. 21 Items of Mail, Nos. 79-114M, 79-115M, 79-123M, 79-124M (W.D. Pa., filed Oct. 14, 1980), aff’d mem., 649 F.2d 861 (3rd Cir. 1981). However, Respondent Colier appears to be arguing that his plan does not contain all the requisite elements of a lottery due to certain distinguishing characteristics.

2. An identical scheme was the subject of a previous Postal Service proceeding and was held to constitute a chain letter and lottery. Success Institute, P.S. Docket No. 6/72 (Initial Decision, May 23, 1978). For the reasons set forth below, I agree with that conclusion.”

Don’t get screwed like my Mom.

Received a letter around the middle of Jan. Threw it on my desk for about a week and then decided to do some research. After checking names and addresses, to see if these people really existed, I had copies made at the local copy center, and sent my letters out about 6 weeks ago. I have not received any money so I’am assuming the names were either out dated or people did not follow directions. While researching this program, I came across the same business opportunity using the computer. It is posted as the paypal money-making method as seen on Oprah. I sent my 6-one dollar bills through paypal and now will begin to post my letter to at least 200 message boards. Hope I will have better success. I do still plan to do another mailing maybe using a different company for the mailing list.

Urm, Cathy?

Paypal doesn’t allow that.
Try reading their terms of use

Beware of phone calls from people you think you know - they may not be who they say they are. Something fishy going on!!!

I just want to put it out to the world that me and my buddy are doing this letter thing. People get so skeptical by reading all these negative and positive approaches when they really need to think and decide for themselves. It’s cost us about $205 to get the materials for it and if it doesn’t work, life really does go on. I mean $200? That’s not a life threatning amount of money to lose. And people that relate it to the lottery are wrong in the sense that its not based on chance. It’s based on the logic and the intelligence of a human, which leads to how they might respond. The logic is there, it’s what the people decide.

Good analagy Zack. Good luck with your mailing. I’m on my second mailing and I’m still receiving money from my first. Not much though, so far less than $30. I’m averaging abut $2 a week.

I’m with you Zack, although my mailing was not successful at all, I still feel confident this can work it everyone would have a little faith. Keep posting so we can know how things are going, and a good luck wish from me to.

You’re throwing away a lot more than $200.

This “legal” letter can ruin life for
years. Look at Mom’s page up above.
Then read all the examples at
showing the lies.

Do you really want future employers to find
copies of your letter online, and refuse to hire you on that basis?

Here’s a site with a story about someone
else who had precisely that happen to him:

OK, I have previously said I need for someone to show me that people have been prosecuted for these letters. As I have said, I have looked on the net and could not find anything. I have never seen anything on the TV news. Well apparently I didn’t look hard enough. The Karen Liddell name sounded familiar to me so I looked at the web site her son provided. I received this letter from one of the people I had sent my first mail out to. I tossed it because it said to send $5 and I didn’t want to send that much to 5 people. Everyone needs to read this web site. She was prosecuted by the USPS and had to pay a fine. She didn’t say how much. There is more information that I’m not going to take the time to put here; you just need to read it. I also did another search and found that David Rhodes actually went to prison for the SAME LETTER we are sending out. My second mail out was a completely different letter, but I did use some of the information in the first letter. David Rhodes web site is Karen Liddell said the chances are small that you will be caught and/or prosecuted, but I can’t take that chance. If I get caught I will lose my pension and medical benefits for me and my family. I’m retired and I can’t start over. I can’t take back was I have sent out, but I’m done with sending out letters. I’m not criticizing those that wish to continue, it us up to you and I wish you all the luck. I want to thank James Liddell for providing this information. Everyone can now make an informed decision whether to continue or not and weigh the risk involved for their particular situation.

Good thought Richard - It is just such a shame that this could not go on without the fear of someone getting in trouble. Of all the things the government has to worry about, all the really bad cruel things that are happening in this world, the really crooked people, including some government officials, that they should worry about this is pity full. Good Luck, and keep in touch, you know how to reach me.

Hello everyone,

I’ve read every comment in this thread, and have enjoyed reading them. I recently received “The Dick Hollman Letter” and it brought back to mind the first time I got such a letter. I didn’t take part of it in 1972, I didn’t take part of any subsequent letters, and this one will be no different.
I don’t doubt the few success stories I came across; there will no doubt be a few more. But when I think about the idea of money flowing in for doing next to nothing, the age-old sayings from various family members come up; ‘if it looks too good to be true...’ ‘a fool and his money....’and of course ‘you don’t get something for nothing’.
These are perilous financial times, and although I like the idea of one helping another I still don’t believe this is a good idea.

Hey everyone, I am finally back. Well, it seems that there is a lot of back and forth going on in here.
I just want to let everyone know that the laws stated above about selling things through chain letters will not apply to this situation for 2 reasons.
1. This is not a chain letter we will be sending. It is mearly an invitation for people to check out our business online and possible join.
2. Nothing at all will be sold through the letter itself. All selling will be done by phone or internet.

I am currently working on the letters design.
I hope to have it for you guys to check out tommorow.
We I was out of town I had alot of time to think and I have made some revisions to the plan. I havn’t changed it on the website yet but I will be doing that today. I think that you guys will be very surprised with what I have come up with.
If anyone has a specific question then just enter it on my blog. Keep in mind that I do post all comments that come through but they dont post until I approve them. That is why none of your blogs showed up until just now when I checked them. Sorry about That I am still working out some kinks in the system.
Good Luck Everyone!

Okay guys...... I have updated the website with the revised plan. It also has a link on the bottom of the plan page. The link is the email adress for the site. If you have any questions please email me from that link.

Hey everyone. I have finished the letter and put it on the website. If you have any suggestions to improve the letter then please let me know. There is a members only page on the site but it is not finished yet. Hopefully I will have it finished by tommorow.

I sent my 200 letters out at the beginning of march and 5 days later prior to when they got to there destination only received 2 dollars after that its been pretty quiet. this is now the fourth week since that day.

I predict that I will make 4,000 thousand dollar from this 200 envelopes, I mailed mine off on March 6th and I received my 2 dollars on March 13th, after that its been pretty quiet. This is now the 4th week since this took place.

Hi fellow americans.I too have recieved this letter and sent out the 6 dollars to the people on the list a couple weeks ago and sent out 100 of the 200 letters this week and will send out the others this week.I will let everyone know how it turns out.I;m always looking for extra ways to make money as I work on commission and it hasnt been to good lately.I did come across a good money maker taking pictures on my digital can check it out on www.product Good luck everyone.

I got on to the Julie Ali website and she might have somthing here.

Hey man there is still time to become a partner.
Think about it and Email me.
Or you can jot it down on my blog.
Thanks and good luck!

Hey everyone! I am starting to think that you guys are no longer interested. Don’t Give up on me so quickly. I am only getting started. I can’t stop think about this plan and how great it is going to be. My son had a doctors app. today near atlanta so I stoped by to see my husbands attorney. (his office is near there) I told him about the plan and even showed him the website. He said that to him it looked like it was legit, but he informed that this area is not his speciality. He specializes in immigrant papers and citizenship. (My husband is pakistani by the way. That is why we have this type of attorney.) He told me that I should first get the advise of an attorney who speciallizes in business legalities. I am going to find one tommorow and make an app. I am thinking that he will say that it is legit. Wish me luck, annd don’t be strangers.

Hi Julie, I check this site and you website daily to see what is happening. Keep posting, you will get some response I’m sure.

Thanks Ann.
I am starting to get discouraged by everyones lack of interest. It is frustrating because the hit counter on the website says that almost 100 people have looked over the plan, but so far only person is interested in partnering. I definately cant start sending letters until I have those seven partners. Maybe after I get approval from an attorney people will be more willing to partner.
Thanks again.

Don’t get discouraged yet. Sounds like you already run a business or businesses, so like all, it will take some time, and the big work TRUST. We are all checking this site and yours daily, I am anyway, so you may get more people interested.

I had to laugh at a number of things posted about this stupid Dick Hollman letter. My favorite was the long one posted by faith on May 15,2008, rationalizing this letter with the teachings of the Bible. Shoot, the Bible enabled Robert Tilton and Jim Bakker to get rich, so why not use its teachings!

The only one guaranteed to get rich from this letter is, INC. Did anyone ever think that Datafax may have started this scam to get people to use their service?

There are enough stupid people in this country to make this possibly work for you. Especially now with everyone losing their jobs, desperate times call for desperate measures, so that’s why this scheme may appeal to people.

Just a side note, my letter came from a man supposedly known as Thomas Farrington in Midlothian, TX, but when I googled the address he listed, it came up as Thomas Eugene Ballard, so when you do send out this letter and wisely use a fake name, you may want to google your address to see if a name comes up with it.

Sort of like we should google JOHN SMITH? That is real original. Let me ask you JOHN SMITH, if you are not looking for an opportunity, how did you find this site. If you go all the way back through this web site there was never a Thomas Farrington - so there you go, another one not being honest. That is what we are looking for honesty, then maybe it will work.

I’m not looking for an opportunity. I got this stupid letter and I’m not sending ANY money to anyone. I have a job, I take pride in earning my money and not acting on some scheme like this. I did a google on “Dick Hollman” and came upon this site. Thomas Farrington sent this letter to me which I just received today. I can’t believe that you people support this scheme. It is pathetic and anyone who participates in it is a joke. I guess that includes you Ann. You’re an idiot.

Hey hey hey mr smith that is not right. You can’t just come in here and start calling people idiots. If you had no interest in this kind of thing then why are you googling dick hollman and thomas farrington. It is okay if people want to voice there opinion but you dont have to be mean about it. I bet your checking your computer every five minutes to see if someone has replied to your blog. seem a little cranky to me.....
Maybe someone is desperate for money or attention,
And let me tell you this.... most of the people on this site are hard working people too. They are just looking for a way to get ahead of the game.
Have a nice day “John Smith”!

Thanks for the support Julie. To you John Smith, what did you expect when you come on as “JOHN SMITH” and said you are googleing names to see who is authentic and who is not. Anyway, we aren’t fighting here, your either interested or your not interested. If not, check often, but we don’t need to hear your blank opinions. As far as working, well I know I do, in fact we have our own business for 15 years. So good for you that you have a job and are getting weekly paychecks, but some people are not, some are in really bad shape financially, through no fault of their own - jobs are scarce in case you haven’t heard, so they look for something that just MAY help them. So there you go JOHN SMITH, now you have mine and Julies opinion on your opinion - we are not interested.

I came to this site because I too received a letter from Dick Hollman that stated in bold letters that Oprah and 20/20 did an investigation on this sceme and it works...

Well I flipped the letter over and for some reason read the entire letter and common sense aside I considered the possibilities. Yes if everyone did exactly as the letter instructs you could earn some money but is is legal? Will people actually mail out money to a stranger in an unmarked envelope and expect such a hefty return? Hmmmm, I normally toss these letters especially the ones that have no return address or contact information. It seems not to long ago we were warned not to open any letters or packages if we did not know who sent them. Hold on let me wash my hands. Im still breathing - I guess its ok. (smile)

But seriously, I am greatfull for sites like these where many good points have been brought forth on both sides. It seems the “nays” have it. The “yeas’ have not proven that anyone has actually benefited from this process except maybe the lable companies, the post office sold some extra stamps, and maybe the office supply store made a few pennies. However, I would have spent money, sent my name and address to 200+ strangers and a percent of them would have sent my info out to 200+ each and I will have gotten back what? A possible fine? A tax audit? I don’t knock anyone for trying. I certainly will not call anyone an “idiot” because I too struggle. I work two jobs, unfortunatly my significant other was layed off montha ago and is unable to find another job so yes any opportunity to fill in the gaps is worth researching. I agree that jumping into something without researching it is foolish So I researched online Mr. Dick Hollmann and found this site and a few others. This letter is a chain letter and I am sure the originator of it is making money somehow. Why would he want to help me? I did not ask for his help nor do I know him and there are some red flags to consider. My first red flag was the guy’s name - sounds like it is made up - like a drag queens name - lol Im sure its not pronounced Dick Hole-man that would be to obvious. No offence to all the Dicks in the world. But just the same, other flag is - no contact information - no return address - form letter - get rich quick - “add me to your mailing list” in exchange for the $1 (an attempt to validate why you are sending cash -legal Loophole???)...Hmmm.

If this “scam” has been going aroung for several years and no one has proven that they made 80.000.00 in a few months I would pass on this “opportunity.” At least I did research on this - How many people just mailed their six bucks and tossed 200 letters to chance? I found this one guy who said he tried it and you can find his results at

His last post was 09/2007 so I assume either he got rich and gave up on us or his photo is hanging in the post office. More than likely he just gave up.

i think everyone who is unsure of whether this letter is legal or not should google the phrase -U.S. POSTAL & LOTTERY LAWS- and click on some of the sites. hell, i even looked up TITLE 18, SEC 1302&1342. i received the letter about 3 weeks ago and like everyone else i was intereted but unsure. i had the attitude “knowing MY luck it wont work” but i decided to give it a shot. i looked up hollmans name and found sites like this with a bunch of folks going back and forth on whether it works or not. i even read of a guy who said he made $8000. so i bought the 200 envelopes from wal-mart and the stamps from the post office. thats as far as i got till today. i was about to put my $6 in the envelopes when i decided to check the web one more time and came across this site. it would seem that chain letters are illegal and maybe a form of gambling. remember if the gov. isn’t making money off of it then its probably illegal. even a friendly game of poker at your house is technically illegal if money is being exchanged. anyways i’ve decided to discontinue my little cash venture and it may be wise for everyone to do the same. if not then the best of luck to ya.

To Gilbert and Steve, Hello to both. These are the kind of posts that we like to see. We don’t own this site, just read it a lot and post a lot. I think it has become a site for information and hope, and yes you are correct, no one seems to be posting any positive results. The economy sucks, so everyone with any financial difficulty is hoping for some help, even willing to spend money they probably don’t have to achieve it. So like you said Gilbert, and I’ve said it, I tried it, it failed for me, but good luck to anyone that may succeed.

Hello guys. Steve and Gilbert you are quite right. You havn’t heard of anyones good fortune with the dick hollman letter because it just doesn’t work. I do think however, that my plan has a pretty good chance. I just need to find a lawyer to support the site. Then everyone will drop the skeptizism and hop on board. I was replying to a blog on my site today and suddenly had a revelation. I realized that my program is alot like another program whom we have all have heard of and thought about trying. I am talking about Avon.
Everyone recieves those avon magazines. (I have 2 of them in my driveway right now.) The concept of avon is that you recieve a mag. from someone and either you would like to join avon (to through out more mags and hopefully make a good commision.)or you would like to purchase a product, or you are not interested and you let the mag sit in your driveway until it rots. In order to join avon you just look at the back of the mag and call the person who sent it to you. That person will then take down all of your info and send it to corporate office so that they can get some commision for it. My system has the same concept but it will be far more lucrative and easy for clients.
Our company will not have a product to sell but we will be offering a service. Our mailing service. Seems perfectly legal to me. Still I am seeking the advise of an attorney.
No one is open on saturday.....Duh......Didnt realize until I called 5 different offices and no one was open.
Wish me luck.... and thanks.

Not legal, Julie Ali.

Look up the Amway ruling from the 1970s.
In order for a multi-level marketing
program to possibly be legal, certain
requirements have to be met.

A mailing service, as described, is incapable
of meeting the 70-30 rule.

Julie, your doing it the right way. Once you get a business attny to review your web site and listen to what you want to do, he will be able to let you know if it is leal or not and you can make an informed decision at that time what YOU want to do. I think there are too many “jail house attorneys” n this web site. I sent you a suggestion on you blog. I’m not sure if it went through. After I sent it I got a blank page. If it didn’t make it, let me know and I will send it again.

Thanks Richard I got your blog on the site. Those are some great suggestions you gave. I don’t know much about taxes so I appreciate some one giving me tips on that aspect.
And thanks also to the march hare I will review this rule, and I will do anything I have to to make this legal.

I agree Julie. If everything goes as you plan, your right, this will take off for you. Hopefully you will be rewarded for all of your hard work.

Well guys..... I am about ready to cut my loses and give up. I have no doubt that I can make this plan work somehow, but I know that it will take alot more time and MONEY. Which are 2 things that I dont have right now. I just read over the 70-30 rule for pyramid schemes. In order to make my plan legal I will need to meet several more criteria.
1. You cant just make your profit by recruiting others. You have to sell a product. and 70% of the products sold by a member have to be to a non-member.
2. you have to be able to prove that you are selling a legitimate product.
3. Your program has to have more focus on selling products and not recruiting others for the company.

Seriously guys i just dont know what to do.
I am a young mother of 2 children and pregnant with number three. Finances are tight and I simple dont have anything else to invest. If anyone has a suggestion or if you just want to lift my spirits then you can blog me here or on my site. I will be taking down the site soon but I will still keep in touch. Thanks everyone for your support.

Hi Julie, I guess you hit a dead end for right now, but you know what, better now than later. I guess we can thank some of the posters for their information. You have my regular email if you want to keep in touch. Let me know how things are going, and good luck with all them little babies - been there done that, not an easy job.

Hi everyone - ever since things stopped, there is no reason to go to this site anymore. Hope all is well with you all.

this is to Ann and Julie Ali. really this is to everyone who has posted a comment on this page. this is my second time posting here. it’s sucks to admit this because im guilty of it myself but it seems that most of us here are victims of our own desperations. we’re looking for an easy way out(or lazy)of the jam we’re in. someone comes along and promises a mountain of cash that can be made with minimal effort. julie has a third child on the way and i have my own financial burdens. some of us really need an extra income and others just want extra money so they can quit working. its easy for some of us to fall victims to some of these scams. but for all the scams that seem to be going around, i know that there are some opportunities that are legit. the problem with these is that sometimes even the good ones make it seem like making cash is easy and can be done in the next 5 min. and this is where your homework needs to be done. believe me i’ve spent hours on the net searching for a second income. i started doing surveys online for almost a year. all the adds made it seem easy and fun and very profitable. to make money though i had to sign on MANY survey sights. it may work for some but it didn’t work for me. i didnt qualify for many of the higher paying surveys and after a year of making only $50 i lost interest. i also spent hours reading about internet gurus and affiliates and making a $1000 dollars while i sleep. but deep down i knew that i was going to give one of these gurus a try, but i wasn’t sure who. i did learn 3 things after searching the net for so long. 1.its almost impossible to make $1000s of dollars in your 1st week if your new to making money online. don’t be fooled. have to work a little to make a little. so don’t be lazy(like me)and fall for scammers like dick hollman. 3.alot of info that gurus try to sell can be found on the net for free. so with that i finally settled with one guy a few days ago. harvey segal. he has a site called the ultimate super tips. what sold me was the fact that he had alot of info and tips for making money online for free with ebooks. i am very new to this and almost completely computer illiterate. no joke . i am constantly asking my sis for help on the net(she started my email account). but im gonna give it a try. i did pay for his other ebooks and am on my way.
If anyone is intereted in what he has to offer this is his link
my sis helped me with that link. no joke.
you dont have to buy anything. just look and if you want you can download some free ebooks. if you think that i’m just trying to make a sell here then your right. but if i do then this guy is the real deal and theres no reason why you couldn’t be doing the same all over the net. especially for those who are computer savy.
in closing i just want to say that there is an opportunity out there for everyone. i found mine and hopefully it works out. just do your homework and be smarter than the scammers. i’ll post again if i have any success. good luck! julie...consider yourself lucky if your kid turns out to be as good looking as i am!

Hi Gilbert, I’ll give it a peak - Good Luck.

Hello everyone,
I received the same letter like most people. I made a little reseach and found two helpful websites that prove this idea of chain letter to be illegal, scam, waste of time and money, and might end you up behind bars. Please visit these two websites:

heres what i think! for those of you who think this is a scam dont do it but plse stop bitching and crying that others arent as negative as you! for those of you who want alittle hope go ahead and do it and i wish you the best of luck and god bless you for not giving up and lettting the govenment take care of you! i know for myself im going to try it because i now that i have spent more on the lottery an wasted more money at the bar then it takes to do this thing. honesty is what makes this thing works and i believe in what if! you never know if anything in life works unless you try. its been two weeks since my mailing and nothing yet ill keep you posted.
and as for the legality of it all who the hell care’s most of you negative self righteous sob,s would not have a problem with keeping a bag of money you found on the side of the road even thou its consider theft so shut the hell of with oooo its illegal the postoffice has better things to worrie about.althou i would think there would be more concern over a letter with no return address
well thanks for all the reading good luck to all and i will be back when i have any results good or bad

Good luck anonymous - but as you can see in even the latest posts, no one had any luck. They even tried different methods. I won’t try to talk you out of trying, just do it if you want, and let us know how it turns out.

i look at this letter and i see 2 thing that cause it to fail and the first thing is the honesty of the people sending the letter out why would you invest the 150 to 300 dollars and then leave out the six bucks do these people realize there taking the profit out of the letter how stupid its six buck the other thing is the mailing list there noway of knowing if its good or not. well i have an idea to solve these problems ill put togeather a web site and you guys can tell me what you thing. same concept but a differnt letter. im going to compse it and post it on a site where you can look at it and down load if you like it
be back when i have a web address

First, I just want to say thank you to everyone that has posted their thoughts on this site. It has been very helpful to have a sounding board to bounce this idea off of and I appreciate the honesty of Ann, Richard, and all the others.
I have received this letter at least three times. The first time it went right in the trash. The second time, sometime last year, I considered it enough to put it in my drawer for a few months, but eventually tossed it. When I received it again last week, for some reason, I really put some serious consideration towards it. I just wanted to share some of my mental hurdles that I had to deal with and that this site finally helped me work through; I will pay it forward, if you will. I don’t doubt that this COULD work, my problems were on the back end of the process - what happens if it DOES work? If you actually receive $1 from over 800,000 people, you’d be receiving over 800,000 pieces of mail in about 60 days. The letter states that it “trickles in” for the first 30 days, the bulk comes in the next 2 months, and after about 90 days, the money stops coming in. Wouldn’t the fact that your potman goes from delivering a few pieces of mail a day to delivering upwards of 13,000+ letters raise some red flags? OK, my mail, it’s none of their business. Right? I’ll worry about that if/when it all starts coming in; a good problem to have. Now you have all this cash on hand. What do you do with it? If you deposit more that $10,000 in cash to your bank, no matter what the reason, the bank has to fill out what is called a Suspusious Activity Report and file it with the Fed. Again, not imposilble to work around this issue, but does it seem right? You have to go to 10 different banks over the course of a few months just to get this all deposited - not good. Even after all of this I still was planning on going ahead with the mailing. I am a risk taker and, as others have pointed out, I have blown $200 on far lamer things in the past; it’s not going to break me. I made 200 copies of the letter, bought the stamps, and was just about ready to send my $6 out and go buy 200 envelopes. Then I realized I was doing all of this without telling my wife about it. I was not telling my good friend I work with. I was not even telling my best friend of 30 years about it. All for fear that they would think I’m a moron for trying something like this. I had to find a blog on a website and get guidance from a bunch of strangers! No offense intended. My point is only that if I could not seek this advice from my loved ones than there is something wrong with this plan. I remembered something I was told once about the actions we take in life and the decisions we make: “If you wouldn’t want your mother reading about it on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow, you shouldn’t do it.” Now, I’ve done a lot of dumb things in my 35 years; plenty of things I wouldn’t want my mom to know about. But, I guess my point is if I’m having such a hard time convincing myself to do this it’s probably not a good idea. I’m not afarid of the governement - I think they are way more crooked than you or I could ever be. I mean, come on, our new Treasury Secretary “forgot” to pay over $100k in taxes?!? And he STILL got appointed!!! I digress. But, they do have the power to fine me, throw me in jail, have something like this dog me for the rest of my life. The comment that really stuck out in my mind was future potential employers finding out I was involved with something like this. How embarrasing! And for what? As many have pointed out, we have heard no REAL success stories. Thanks to Ann and Richard’s honesty we have heard quite the contrary. So, in the end, I have decided to go home today, shred all the copies I made, and be happy I bought 200 stamps before the rate increase on Monday (God bless the “Forever” stamps!) I am not looking down on anyone who tries this and do wish them good luck if they do. I was one step away from doing it myself, but if I did and even if I was successful, would I have been proud to tell others how I ammassed my fortune? Not likely. It’s just not worth the risk. I’ve got a young son at home that I have to think about. I can’t risk messing up his life and I can not imagine not seeing his smiling face every day should the worst case scenario results occur! If it seems too good to be true, it probably is...My last thought (I promise) is that this probably is something started by Dataline in order to sell their mailing lists. If this has been circulating for years there are plenty of people like us that figure “what the heck”; that’s a lot of label orders! And the fact that I received this three times within a year: is that people like you and me circulating the letter and my name just keeps popping up on the labels? Or is it Dataline re-sending this to me with different names of 6 people to send $1 to (from their mailing lists) in oreder to sub-consioulsy plant this as a good idea in the back of my mind? Conspirousy Theory? It seemed to almost work until I decided to use my good friend, the internet, to research this. Thanks again to everyone and good luck in your endeavors! FDR

Hi FDR, I think you did the right thing. Just reading this Blog gives you the ideas of what you should do. Good Luck, Ann

hey folks i sent the letter out 3wks ago recieved 12 letters back for non-delievery and no cash yet. i dont believe that dateline sent this letter out because they werent on my letter.i used a differnt mailing list co but any way when i sent this out i didnt believe it would generate the money it says it will people are to skeptical for it to make that much cash. i expected to at least make a couple hundred to maybe 1000 at the most. but nothing yet ill be back next week to update on this

Hi Texas Cowboy, I love getting back on this blog to check things out. All I can say, is at least you got something back, even if it was unable to be delivered. I got nothing back but one nasty letter from someone. Keep us posted, maybe you will at least get back what you invested.

I see people are still trying the Dick Hollman letter. Well, just a little update from me. My second letter which was different from the Dick Hollman letter was a big bom. I believe part of was my mailing list. About 40% of the letters were returned. I used advanced marketing solutions. I wouldn’t recommend these people. However, my first mailing, the Dick Hollman letter did much better than I expected. I still have money trickeling in. Nothing great and I stoped tracking how much I have received. It’s somewhere between $100 and $150. Still not enough to even pay for the mailing. I’m averaging about $2 a week. Don’t know how much longer this will go on. My name should be droping off soon. Good luck to anyone who wants to give it a try.

Hi everyone, It has been a while since I have posted anything. I have been sooooo busy looking for ways to make extra money, and I think that I have found something. Anyone interested should check out this site. They have an 800 number and a support system, and they seem to really be interested in the success of thier members!


Get the Dick Hollman Letter lately: If so, use it. I’ve read all the other posts from skeptical people who HAVEN’T EVEN TRIED this system. They’re so ready to pick the letter apart and discredit it without proof! Let me ask you this...If someone else believed enough to mail the letter to you, then isn’t that a little credibility?

The letter reads...

Dear Friend,

My name is Dick Hollman. In September 2003 (1999 for old letters), my car was repossessed. Bill collectors were hounding me like you wouldn’t believe. I was laid off and my unemployment ran out. In October 2003, I was skeptical, but I was desperate. I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try. In January2004, my family and I went on a 10 day cruise! In February I bought a new Cadillac with cash! Today, I am currently building a second home in Virginia and I will never have to work again!

This isn’t the entire letter, but if you’re reading this it’s probably because you’ve already received it. I received that letter too. I’m not Dick Hollman, but I have tried this program. The first time I tried it, I admit, I cut corners. I was hoping to maximize my profit by putting my name in the middle of the list (I know...stupid move), and I only sent half the people on my list $1. I guess God really don’t like ugly because even after mailing out 250 letters I received less than $100. That was in 1993.

So imagine my surprise and the irony of receiving this same letter almost 13 years later! I fell out laughing while reading it. Shaking my head back and forth and all! I put it away for a few days....weeks actually. I ran across the letter while looking for some other papers and put it to the side. I was curious about it and wanted to investigate it.

Later on, I grabbed the letter and headed to the computer. The first thing I did was look up Dick Hollman. That’s when I came across the Nay-Sayers. I was about ready to toss the letter in the trash until I decided to look up the people listed on the letter. I was able to find 4 of the 7 names listed. I picked up my cell and called them. Why not?

The first person to answer was a lady by the last name of Orwitz. I apologized for calling and told her I’d received her letter. She was understanding as I explained how I was a divorced, and didn’t have extra money to spend on things like this. She told me she was a senior on SSI who couldn’t afford it herself, but her and her roommate split the costs. As of that date they’d received about $11,000. That’s all I needed to hear!! But I didn’t get too happy. I had 2 other people to call.

The 2nd person I called was an ass. Plain and simple. He was an ass. I apologized for calling, told him the same thing I’d told Mrs. Orwitz and asked how his mailing went. He thought I was someone from the IRS and cursed me out. Needless to say I didn’t call him back

The third and last person I called was a retired postal worker. He proceeded to tell he about how he’d delivered these letters year after year and how he could tell the chain letters from the regular letters and blah, blah, blah. Since I’m not a rude person and I respect my elders,I listened, nodded and listened. He finally told me he wasn’t comfortable telling me how much he’d gotten but he did tell me it was in the 5 figures. more person to call.

The last person I called was this guy named Dale. He was a younger guy. He liked my voice. Anyway, I went over the introduction and apologies only to hear a “click”. He’d hung up on me. Or so I thought. He called me back saying he lost his signal then told me he’d received only about $2000. He was the last person on the list though, so he still had a ways to go. I was curious again.

As a way of keeping my kids busy, I decided this would be their project. If it didn’t work out at least I kept them busy and out of trouble for a while! They retyped the letter. I copied it at work for free (LOL-STILL CUTTING CORNERS!!), and bought some envelopes from Dollar General. They spent a week folding, stuffing and sealing envelopes. Instead of using the company in the letter, I bought a mailing list from eBay. They were cheaper and I got more names (CUTTING CORNERS AGAIN!!).

Since I was already living paycheck to paycheck, we were only able to mail out 50 letters a week. True enough, we didn’t mail them all at once like the letter says, but after the 2nd week, we started getting a couple dollars in our mailbox! It wasn’t $90 like the letter says.

We mailed out the $1 to the people on our list BEFORE we mailed our letters. We wanted to be sure we blessed someone else so we could receive blessings. I didn’t want what happened the last time to happen this time!

After 4 months and 4 days we’d received almost $82,000. Of course it’s not what the letter stated, but it was a blessing and it was enough for us. You should’ve seen the kids. They came home from school everyday excited and ready to open envelopes! It was a fun project that paid a lot of bills and cleaned up my credit!

The bottom line is this: It’s really easy to dismiss something before trying it. Did you know you were going to love Chinese before you even tried it? I didn’t. I think in this day and time people are so guarded, as they should be, that they look for ways to save themselves from being scammed. That’s understandable. Really it is. But if someone else believed enough to send you that letter, isn’t it worth another look? I gain nothing by posting this blog...hell, you aren’t gonna send me $1 are you?

Couldn’t this actually work?

It did for us.

Is this legal?? I want to do it, but don’t want to get arrested? Do we claim our profits? Need advice from those who have done the letter!!

Good for you Amy - you are one in a few that got anything. Nicole, you need to read this blog, there are different views on this subject. You make your own decision, take your own chances.

Amy-where did you buy your mailing list? thanks!

I ordered the mailing list from Advanced Marketing Solutions. I personalized each return address - that was most time consuming, but when I get mail, I open the ones with REAL stamps and REAL people, dont’ you? I also sent it to about 15 family and friends that wanted to participate. They all went with class reunion lists, wedding lists, kids’ team lists, etc. Some good ideas... And yes, you are paying a person to do you a service - hence the exchange is legal. My husband works with 15-20 different kinds of attorneys and ALL of them said that the USPS would be herd pressed to have the manpower to TRY to find us and then TRY to prove their point. And to what end? We stop buying stamps to the tune of $100.00 at a time? Nah!

Amy, I used Advanced Marketing Solutions in my last mailing and I had about 40% of my letter returned to me undeliverable for various reasons. Was your return rate this high? I’m considering doing this again. I ended up with about $150 from my first mailing. I just received another $1 today. My name should be off the list by now. (See my post from 5/11/09.)

Hi! Not so high - about 10%. BUT, I noticed a lot of errors and did not mail those if they had any. I believe the big reply base was using family. I know the letter tells you not to, but we are a family of risktakers and entrepreneurs. You know, 7.5% return goes way up if you use a bunch of people you know will want to participate...

Hi Richard, just to let you know I got “nadda” nothing from the mailing. At least you got a few.

Got any anthrax scares or letter bombs yet, Amy?

Sicko, what kind of remark was that? Do you match your name? We do not need your kind on this site, unless you have something productive to add

Hi Everyone. I got my letter today and I’m excited. I just spent a few hours reading all these post. One thing that kept getting me upset was that most of the people had a lot of negative comments who didn’t actually follow threw. They all said they bought this and that and then decided at the last minute not to send. Amy you are wonderful! You didn’t get anything back but your still supporting everyone else. Richard thanks for the consent updates,those were great. give me hope. When I get paid next week I’m going to mail my letters out. What I’m going to do different is I’m not going to use Datafax. I think that’s where the scam is. We’re probably sending our money right back to their company. Maybe their are the ones on the list. I will be honest and send $7.00 to the people on my list and wish for the best. Until I get paid I’m going to get my mailing list together cause it’s going to take time. I’m going to use phone books via the internet so that I can get them to different states. I promise to keep you guys posted.

I meant to say Ann is wonderful and Amy give me hope.

Thanks Kia for the kind words. An I’ll say it again, good luck and keep us posted on your success.

It’s my site, Ann.

I can post what I want here.

Besides, I have all of your
IP addresses for reporting to the FTC
that you’re involved in this illegal letter.

Think about it.

Well if this is your site, why in the h-ll would you spam it and crash it. Senseless. So are you Kevin Shay?? If so, why after all these months would you chose to suddenly appear? You still didn’t answer why you would write such a stupid remark. Are you trying to push people from this site. If you are Kevin, and you wish to stop the blog on “THE LETTER” just say so, and I think maybe a little proof of who you say you are is only fair.

Hi to Everyone who is “legit” on this blog. As you can see the last few posts has not been very pleasant. I have checked this person out (sicko) and he “IS NOT” the owner of this site. He or she must have nothing better to do but stir up trouble, so at this point we can just ignore their comments which is the best. Ann

Your right Ann. Just ignor this sico and others like him/her. They relish in people responding to their coments. That’s what keeps them going. If everyone ignores them, then eventually they will go away because your not feeding their ego anymore and they will find another blog to go and disrupt.

I just wanted to add another aspect to the discussion that I have not yet seen after reading through all the postings. I too got the Dick Hollman letter and it’s not the first time I’ve received it. This is the first time I have not tossed it though and am seriously considering following through with it. I’m not influenced all that much by other’s opinions, I really didn’t expect to read much that was positive here. I was curious to see if anyone had any success and if they would post it here.
What I want to add is my perspective regarding Datafax or any other mailing service you might be considering using. My husband and I are just starting out in the insurance business after being unemployed, He for a year, me for 2. Where we live there is no industry, no job market so we had to learn a new skill when we lost our jobs.
Being self employed, it is common to use lead service companies to build clientele. Eventually, successful agents just use referrals and repeat business but it’s tough getting started without buying leads. Those websites you click on for information and the commercials that refer to the websites are all sponsored by the insurance companies but it’s the agents who pay for the leads. Every time you fill out info online, that lead goes to an agent who has paid $30,40,50 or more for that lead. Usually only 1 out of 10 is a serious inquiry. Becoming an agent is not cheap either. You have serious out of pocket expenses and long grueling hours before seeing a profit.
I used to work for a well known non profit organization that paid $5 for every contact they used to solicit business from. It’s a common practice so I wouldn’t be so quick to vilify companies like Datafax. Besides, in the letter I got it stated the database they used was Opportunity Seekers. I feel sure they got my name from or Career Builders. It makes sense that by targeting a specific group or demographic that you would have better results than by shotgunning the phone book.
So when you consider the investment in this venture, it’s a pretty good risk.

Have any of you ever bought stock? Anybody lost money in your 401k in the last year?

There are risks in undertaking most any venture. I am not convinced this is illegal. I most certainly will follow the rules to the letter and be scrupulously honest and file a 1099 just as I have to do with my earnings from my insurance job.

If it doesn’t work out then I move on but I figure, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I’m sorry but if I have to explain to the bank why I’m depositing more than $10,000 cash then that to me seems to be a good problem.
That’s why you keep records.

Treat it like a business, then invest your earnings and live your dream. But always keep your options open. That’s the true meaning of an entrepreneur.


Good advice Renee - most everyone here wants any one that tries to be successful, so go at it and let us know how it goes.

Hey everyone my name is Patrick and I just got the dick hollman letter in the mail a few days ago on June 1 2009 from someone named Susan Belanger. I googled dick hollman and found this form, read all of it. It seems that even the people who gave it their best shot like Ann, Richard, and Julie could not make this letter thing work.It seems that the letter it self does not work Damn! I was looking forward to giving this thing a try. Amy seems to have cracked the secret though I would love to pick brain about how she made it work. Anyway I think that people like Ann, Richard, and Julie deserve a medal for their hard work and effort. And to those of you willing to give this a try I wish you good luck on your letter mailing ambitions!

Hello Patrick, As you can see I check and post to this site often. It is frustrating to think that some people can make this work and some can’t. I don’t know the secret, because if I did I would have been successful and for sure passed the secret on. As I said before, it’s everyone’s own call to try or not to try. The biggest things these days is do you have the funds to chance on a loss, no matter how small. $250.00 is a lot of money these days. Check back now and then, maybe someone will crack the code to success!!!

Isn’t that $10,000 problem at banks something to do with anti-money laundering laws, Renee?

You can still get in trouble for smaller
amounts if there’s a pattern.

Does anyone know how to get a hold of Amy? I still want to try this but I think doing this thing Amy’s way might have better results then if I did it the way the letter tells you to. So does anyone know a way that I can contact Amy?

I think the only way is to post here and see if she comes back on. Maybe she will give her email address - I don’t know where she went all of a sudden.

I find it very interesting that a lot of people on his thread have claimed to received this letter multiple times. If you have, then isn’t it obvious that people send out the letter and some people believe in the system. You could get a response, because most likely they received the letter from a stranger, just like you did.

We live in such a paranoid society that we just assume all people are out to get us, when in actuality we would all be better off if we just helped one another.

Furthermore, you are receiving these letters because somewhere along the way you requested information on money making opportunities and SOMEONE SOLD YOUR INFORMATION TO A DATA COMPANY. It is in the terms and condition section, typically where you check a box -- but we all know that you didn’t read the terms and conditions. DON’T ACT ALL SURPRISED THAT SOME STRANGER GOT YOUR INFORMATION YOU PUT IT OUT THERE!!

Or that some sicko wrote your info
in a web form for you, getting you sent
a ton of junk mail.

Happened to a few old email accounts of mine.

yeah I really hope Amy comes back and posts on this thread! I really want to try this letter mailing but do it her way as she seems to have cracked the code.

If Amy does not come back to post, we can probably assume that what ever she claims was incorrect. Anyone that is honest and truly wants to help others with this would be at the site often checking things out and helping the ones that really want to try. I’m not saying she is lying by any means, but if you check out the blog, there are a few people that claimed they were successful at this, but have failed to post their progress or final estimated earnings. Believe me, if it worked for me, I would do everything I could to make sure it worked for EVERYONE that wanted to give it a try. Just my opinion Patrick.

James you are just one of those paranoid people I was referring to. Nearly all companies sell your information, including credit card companies, subscription services, and sweepstakes, just to name a few.

Hello all! I wanted to add that emailing the letters as attachments to very close friends helped quite a bit. But I did not do that right away. Of course I put in a disclaimer that they could tell me to take a hike! Just not disown me! lol So, to the nay sayers, go ahead and be skeptical, don’t try it and leave more money in it for us.

I just ordered another set of mailing lists from Ebay for my dad. Got here right away and I am happy with the verification I did on of a random sampling of names. BTW, I forgot to mention that 2 of the 6 people I sent a dollar to actually did not get their dollar because IT WAS RETURNED TO ME. So I pulled their name and added freinds who were once skeptical. Yeah, they’re not skeptical anymore... ; )

Have fun out there. I stopped playing the lottery and instead buy stamps - the forever kind - and mail letters. It has been a WAY better return on my investment!

Thanks, Amy - That will help some of the posters here on different ways to approach this. Your idea sounds pretty encouraging, and I’m sure a few will try it out.

Well, I think my name has finally dropped of the list. I went and counted the responses I received. I kept the envelopes with names and addresses. I have 152, so that means I received $152 from my first mailing. As I said before, the second mailing was a bust. Sounds like Amy has done fairly well. I am considering doing it again. I’m going to be real busy through July. Family reunion, modle train shows to go to with my Grandson, etc. So I am going to plan on a third mail out in August. Ann, I still have your name and address and it will be on that mail out. I will keep you posted. I’m going to do some of Amy’s suggestions and a couple of ideas I have. I’m leaving Thursday for Florida (family reunion), South Carolina and Virginia (train shows). I will check in from time to time when I have access to a computer. Ya’ll take care now, ya hear!

Great Richard, keep me on the list. Also, have a good time these next couple of months.

hey ive been getting these dick hollman letters for a long time and now have jumped in on the band wagon my first mailing ive sent off and havent had much response but its still early i actually did get a letter that had put me on youre list but no dollar included so they must be confused so im going to send them a letter explaining the right way to do it.I did get my first good response had the note had the dollar i was happy to see that so im going to keep posted.I actually sent another version of this letter that fits to everyone its 1 page and has the names on it and its based on what you can afford hopefully this will be better than the original i think it will be a success cause wow the way the economy is we all need to stand together and help each other out plus we can make it work if we do it honestly and put aside the legal part its up for interpertation in my eyes. Have agreat day and ill keep you updated on the responses

hey this is john again i will promise to keep you all updated on this i never put a return address on my mailings but i will figure it out by the good responses on what my percentage is have agreat day ill keep it updated

If you don’t put a return address on your mailings, what will the postal workers think?

“Oh, this twerp’s trying to send mail without
enough postage... but there’s no return
address... we’d better open it.”

And then you and everyone named on the letter inside discover what mail fraud charges are.

Put the bloody return addresses on your letters!

to crag baggler, okay yeah how much mail do you get like that with return address? My mail person brings me mail without return address plus its on the inside of the letter anyways if they open it up and read it,they will know what its about and from who.And plus it will have enough postage because how much can a business envelope handle anyways definately cant put 13 ounces in it huh? comeone crag baggler use youre head. I will in fact put a return address on good responses when i get a good mailing list for the next mailing that i send out.Huh bet you didnt think about that huh?and by the way im not going to take the time to write out or put self adressed for my adress on the envelope just for the simple fact its not cost efficient.And for the post office is concerned as long as it has a adress on it and doesnt look suspicious then they arent going to question anything.And let me ask you something have you ever done anything like this or you just one of the nay sayers and such?Because nothing worse than someone blowing there mouth off and doesnt even try it.Hey have a great day Crag Baggler at least i use my real name.

Hi, All to comment on the previous comments just try it and only do what you can afford.If you cant send 200 out send what you can then send the rest out later if you get at least youre money back,we all play lottery, bingo, raffles and such so why not try this?I have more confident in people than the lottery for one look at all the games and fraud that happens.Plus look at the bright side of things by us doing these mailings we are producing work and stimulating the economy. And hopefully we are making these work so we can get ourselves out of financial hole or just to secure our future.I have dreams and goals so i will definately send the $1 to the people on the list in fact i might just send them $1 even if im waiting on my responses just to make a list and for them to see people are responding thats how it works if nobody steps forward then it wont work very well.And im sure if you do respond with the money they wont have a issue helping you out in the future not everyone in the world is out to get you.Have a great day and i’ll keep updating on my responses

I use the name because it’s one of my favorite trading cards, “john,” and unlike you I don’t care to be using a name that ten million plus other guys have at the same time.

Oh, as far as legality, go read the upper sections of the board. Some of the folks put some darn good evidence that the letters are illegal up there, including links to relatives who’d been convicted.

to crag baggler, okay so we all should be arrested then because we have all sent someone money at one time through the mail birthdays graduations etc, so if thats illegal helping each other out then that should be as well.And let me ask you something crag baggler how is this a scam are these letters forcing people to do it?Are they saying if you dont go to the post office and buy stamps and make copies and send them out, or something bad will happen?
No they aren’t its youre choice to do it or not.
And i read up at the top of board i would like to see the links on where they were convicted ive been looking for a long time to really see and all i see is nothing but hear say.And honestly i think there are a lot of more important things to go after than this.Show me the proof then i will consider have a great day

John, if you want to mail your letters without a return address, that’s your business. To each his own in this project. I don’t think Bagler should have badgered you so much about it. USPS could care less if there is a return address on the envelope. I receive several junk mail letters each month without the return address, however they are addressed to the person or current resident. That way the letter is not returned to the Post Office. In your case, the letters will go to the dead letter file. Now, in the two mailings I did, I put my return address on the envelope. The first 200 I mailed I hand written my return address. Your right, this was both time consuming and tiresome. I went and bought a stamp from Office Depot. Only cost a few dollars and I used it on my second mailing. I put the return address for two reasons. First, I wanted all returned letters to come to me so I could keep track of the % of # of letters returned. I also kept a data base with the names and addresses. I wanted to be able to take the bad addresses out of the system. The other is most people are more apt to open a letter with a personalized return address. No return address and I believe most people will just through it away without even looking at it. Like I said above, I receive several letters a month without the return address. I just toss them without opening them. I get a lot of junk mail each month and I am selective on what I open. This is just a suggestion to you. It’s your money and your mailing. Do it the way you want to and good luck.

thanks richard for that, i will do the stamp thing for retun address, i will get one today when im out thats a great idea,This was a test anyways to see what better response return address or non return so my next mailing will be return address,And also for anyone wondering what mailing list i use its from primechoicelists and i use the opportunity seekers list thanks and have a great day

Sounds like you do this often richard thanks for all the info i will definately use those ideas,I open mail regardless if it has return address or not cause most of the time i know what it is anyways.Have agreat day and good luck

Ann, Richard, where are you? I miss having you comment... I have followed some advice from some of the above posts. If you are interested, I want to refer you to a great program...


Hi Amy, I still check this blog several times a day. How are you and what’s new.

To amy hi this is john i would like to know about a great program if you want to contact me email me at im out of work been laid off from construction for 7 months unemployment running out and seriously desperate to get some finances back in and have been struggling truely i have been trying hard to get a job seems im over qualified or under qualified really not sure been sending apps and resumes to everyone applying to jobs ive never thought i would do and no response yet. Please contact me and in the subject put desperate john so i will know from spam or not thanks sincerely John B****field.

Good morning John, I am sorry you are struggling so hard. It is really tough out there today. Anyone that is hiring can really be picky about who they choose for an available job. This is no consolation to you I am sure. It is really scary to think there may be no money coming in soon. Anyway, I just want you to be careful before signing on with any thing that seems to good to be true, especially if it is costing you up front. All these gurus on the web say they make millions, but in reality, they probably don’t. They are making most of their money from people like everyone on this site, us buying their product. Amy is a nice person, so maybe what she has going is a good thing. She will post again or email you, I am sure. Ann

Thanks Ann for the response, yeah its tough and yes i am getting so desperate have been trying different avenues in the paper and putting out money and just been a flop so im really just getting frustrated because i am educated and have skills,but i will keep my head up because what wont kill me will make me stronger thanks and have a great day.

Hey guys. The last time I posted was June 5th. I have not really did much yet. My money is really tight so this is going to be a slow process for me. I’m just sending out my $6.00 to the people on my list. It’s suppose to be 7 but when I looked on-line one of those addresses don’t exist. I told my friend I will put her in that spot but she also has to send $6.00 to the people of her list just to get that good Karma working. I got my mailing list together. I just picked random address from a phone book on the web. Hopefully no one gets too upset with me.

One more thing. I don’t know about you guys but what made me not throw my evelope in the trash was a personal note placed in the letter from the mailer. I mean she may not have wrote it but I’d like to believe she did. Maybe all the letters have a personal note but I will be sure to put that in my letter when I start. I only have 10 stamps so I will try and send 10 letters out today. No since of putting off tomorrow what you could do today.

Hey all! I do not want anyone to do things that cost up front. I fear that what i am doing is just that, because I have not gotten far enough to “get paid”. I have ordered panty hose, books, gifts for father’s day, business cards, you name it. It is to get credit and when I get enough, I get paid thru paypal. I needed the things I bought - for gifts and for my home. So I would rather spend LESS to buy them AND earn credit toward a paypal transfer of real cash. I leave Sat for vacation, but i will try to log on to check posts. I wish you well John, Kia, Ann. I feel like this is my home base ;-)

I love that my letters worked. My dad was one I sent 1 too and he added a sheet of paper that says 6 times “please add me to your mailing list” and that way people do not have to write it out or type it out. Just a thought. I got rid of the awful hard to read statistics and testimonials page. I will put my 6 phrases in its place. Dad was even going to put 6 envelopes already stamped and addressed in his letters! That is where he “drew the line”!!

It would be neat if my program worked. John, I will email you. But yes, there is a little up front cost, but it pays you back at least double. I will let you look for yourself and decide.

Good evening all!!

wow good luck John on your mailings and keep the rest of use, who are serious about this, up to date on your progress!

Thank god Amy you came back.
Amy for god sakes leave us your e-mail address or something. At least tell us step by step what you did and how you did it. If you figured out the secret please share it with us. I really need to make this work as I am in need of money and can’t seem to find a job because of the recession we are in right now. so please share your method with us and spare no details however mundane you think they may be. You are one of the few people to make this work.If you found a method that can be rinsed and repeated great share it. Help the rest of us who are serious about doing this.

K, nobody spam me or share this:

I feel like personalization is key. Like Kia said, a handwritten note caught her eye. I retyped EVERYTHING, left out stupid directions like “take your labels and stick them to your envelopes”. Pretty insulting, huh? Then I emailed good friends, sent out 250 mailings. I included a handy sheet with the 6 names at the top (having taken off the top name and adding my name to the bottom) for the $1.00 group. Then I typed a line of asterisks to separate this list from the list at the bottom - on this I removed the name at the top and added at the bottom 3 blank lines for everyone to easily add their own name and send out. Maybe throw in some stamps to anyone you actually find in If a person gets stamps, they might feel obligated, but probably won’t do the mailing! The goal is to inspire them to do the mailing!!!

I loved the email idea. I can send any of you copies of my 4 pages. Just email me above and I can send them as an attachment. Then you can attach them to your own email and start emailing. My eamil told people to print off the 4 pages and read them when they had a good 15 minutes to devote to it.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. I like the comments about sending money. How can that be illegal when my Aunt Bridget used to always sent me $5 for my birthday. Come on! My sister is disabled and always short on cash; I send her random $20 dollar bills so she can make it. She thinks she has an angel...

I wish Julie Ali would come back. Anyone know how to reach her? My other program I am working has cost me a little bit up front for a big return. Plus I got things I would have bought anyway, but gor CREDIT for them! Cool, huh!?

Good luck all. I will check back later today...


Thanks Amy for the advice. I think I may retype the letter myself. Sending the people stamps in the mail is a good idea but it’s pricey. I gotta keep mine a cheap as possiable, hence the home made mailing list, the envelopes from work. LOL! But again thanks for coming back and sharing.

Thanks Amy for the advice. I think I may retype the letter myself. Sending the people stamps in the mail is a good idea but it’s pricey. I gotta keep mine a cheap as possiable, hence the home made mailing list, the envelopes from work. LOL! But again thanks for coming back and sharing.

This guy has some notes about Dick Hollman’s history, at the bottom.

I received this email. Thought you all should know to keep your personal info OFF of this site... Amy

AOL, your customer is conspiring to commit mail fraud and to
run a pyramid scheme. Evidence for the police is located at

Please stop this mini-Madoff dead in her tracks.
She has been repeatedly warned that what she is doing is a Federal felony, and
brushes it off with groupthink.

I am aghast. Not really sure what to do. This was also copied to and the USPS. Great job whoever did it. Thanks for blowing this way out of proportion...

This may be my last post...

Disgusted in Cyberspce,

Amy, sorry, another idiot on this site. Whoever you are, get a life and leave this site out of you bookmarks. We don’t want “losers” like you here.

And another thing, to chicken to post a name?

Amy First of all thank you for coming back. You are a goddess. Thank you so much for giving us help. I just want you and the rest of the serious people on this forum to know that it was not me who did that.I know I asked for amy’s e-mail address but I honestly did not think this would happen. I just thought it would be important to have someone to answer our questions and give us guidance. whoever did better hope and pray that I don’t find them. All Amy was trying to do was help the rest of us be successful at this letter mailing thing but you (whoever you are) had to be an asshole about it and ruin it for all of us. Anyway I will try this letter mailing thing again. Amy’s way. Amy please don’t leave I can’t think of a reason for you to stay you don’t need us but we need you. I also wish Julie would come back as well.

He won’t scare me away. Or she. I will use “it” for now since it won’t identify itself. Glad for your support Ann and Patrick. I cannot remove my email address. But what happened to the first amendment? I can write what I want if it is true. Writing false things is called LIBEL. It wrongfully accused me of something, so it committed libel. Go away strange awful intruder!

Keep up the posts folks. We have the right to!!!

Probably just another IDIOT with nothing else to do!!!!

Well thats just the worst thing to do is threat someone.Just not a civil thing to do really. Must have nothing better to do if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all. You definately need a interpersonal communication course. I mean really have you not done anything wrong in youre life time? and dont say you havent ever done anything wrong because you just lied anyways if you have a beef with someone talk it out peacefully not with threats.Well Amy sorry to see and hear that hopefully it will work out in the end.It just goes to show you some people just cant stand to see people helping each other out.Misery loves company so hopefully they can find the misery group certainly there is one around somewhere in cyberspace.Any ways have a great day all and ill keep posted

How is it libel, Amy?
A chain letter is a form of pyramid scheme.
That’s common knowledge, hell, even Wikipedia could tell you that.

Frederick, what do you care? Did you get the letter? Throw it away if you did. Gads, I hate when people get on here with their advice. We know it all, just read through the posts. Some are desperate to take the chance, and it is their chance, their choice.

Frederick you got 3-4 thousand you can lend out? I sure could use some ,my unemployments running out and need to pay my mortgage and put food on the table.I just need enough so i can still look for a job for a little bit longer only been looking for past 7 months.Thanks have a great day

What chance, Ann?
I don’t see what you mean by that.
I get what you mean by ‘their choice’,
but there’s no ‘chance’ involved.
The whole letter is a lose-lose-lose
scenario and has been one for decades.

A chance that they may lose their money they invested. A chance they will be disappointed. A chance that maybe it will work. All I know is, things are to the point in this economy where people are trying anything to make some money. They are in scary situations, as you can see by johns posts. Their not asking for anyone to give them something for nothing. There is a lot of work involved in getting those letters ready to go. Did you try it Frederick? Just curious as to how you ended up on this web site. Most people are checking out “the Letter”.

Well looks like we got another skeptical person on this forum. Don’t waste your time with him Ann.

This might explain why I’m here:,9171,754772,00.html

I don’t want to break my back hauling all of your wasteful letters.

well to the disgruntal postal worker i just spent $30 on a postal exam test guide maybe I
can pass it and work for the usps.I would rather much do bricklaying but thats been not very good for me for a while and you work rain snow or whatever the weather is.So that might be a better career for me anyways lord knows im big enough to carry the work load ive been laying blocks for 7 years ever lay 12 inch concrete blocks? gaurantee you its harder than the postal work. Have a great day

Dear Disgruntled Postman,

I read that little article that was written back in 1935. Since then our enconomy has weakend. Not to mention since 1935 we have things such as e-cards,online bill pay, and emails that has slowed down the amount of mail to be deliverd. They are about to stop Saturday delivers. It may be okay for you but some mail carries will lose out on overtime or maybe even fired. So sorry if I can’t see the problem with throwing more service to the postal system.

To Disgruntaled postman, You better be happy you have a job a lot of people dont, if we didnt send stuff out you would be out of a job.I guess i’ll start sending junk mail back then so i wont have to throw them away. I will use the postal service then since I get junk mail all the time. Well have a great day

Disgruntled postman, Boy, must be nice not to have to worry about having enough mail to deliver. I talk to my mail carrier daily, and she is quite worried about the Saturday delivery elimination that may be on the horizon for USPS. If you don’t want our mail, give your job to John, he will take it. Another question for you,like other people that find this site, what and how did you venture here? Must be looking for something, right?

Hey John, Kia, and Ann did you see this website

My version of “the letter” came with 5 letters and on the one that said as seen on Oprah and 20/20 it had that website address on it. I don’t know if this will help you guys or not but I thought I would post this. To see what you guys thought about it. Did you guys get 5 letters or 4 letters like I did? Did your letters have this website address on it? I reread this entire forum to see if anyone posted this website and no one did. So I thought I would share this with you guys.

Have not seen that site yet. Looked real quickly, will look later. I see it was updated in April of 2009 - but only see archives from 2007, unless I need to check further. Will do later today,

Patrick, yeah there are several versions out there infact ive been getting many different kinds since ive been requiring different ads in the paper.How did i get this letter yeah thats how just by calling different ads in the paper so dont be surprised when you get these different ways to make money ive been looking for ways to make money for a long time inventions,etc. Lately ive been getting postcard things hey postman are these illegal? Really not sure have just been throwing them away.Patrcik ive even got one letter that was from a attorney, and one with two names on it send $10 to the #1 spot and one send $20 if youre birthday is between certain dates and put happy birthday and if its not then send $20 as a gift so really many versions out there of these letters. I think im just going to start a new one and just send someone $20 no strings attached no return address or anything. And call it reap what you sow. s
So one of these days you might get some money in the mail out of kindness. Well im off Have a great day

Here it is again hope this helps.

just ignore my last post at 4:52 PM

Has anyone been successful in getting through to Amy via her e-mail. I hoping to get copies of her letters and maybe chit chat about ideas for mailing letters. But she has not e-mailed me back yet. Has anyone else tried to get through to Amy?

Patrick, if you look back Amy had a pretty bad email posted about her, so she may be hesitant to respond to anyone, and I don’t blame her. Maybe when she feels comfortable, she will come back.

yeah I hope Amy does come back. Shame what happen, I guess no good deed goes unpunished. I can not afford to mess this letter mailing thing up. I have to get it right and Amy seems to have figured out a way that seems to work. So it makes sense to contact her. I will keep trying to get a hold of Amy some how, hopefully my persistance will pay of. I believe their is right way to do this letter mailing and I am going to find it out come hell or high water. I know what the odds are and I know that people have said this before but I don’t care. I know that I will never get ahead in this world financially working for the man. And in this economy it is probably better to focus on something like letter mailing that to look for a job. I hate to say it but it’s just what I believe right now. Thank you Ann for responding to my post and to everyone else trying this good luck,god bless and keep posting!

Oh and BTW Ann, John, Kia what did you guys think of that website

Hi Patrick.
Well I looked over the site. I didn’t read the whole thing cause it was too long but I did read most of it. It sounds like it didn’t really work for him but I like his effort and honesty.
It has not changed my mind to try it though. For some crazy reason I think it will work for me. I believe the biggest issue everyone is having is due to the mailing list. That’s why I think Amy was so succesful was because she didn’t purchase her mailing list from the one suggested in the letter. I think she said she got hers from Ebay. Due to my finances I took a lot of short cuts (but I did send my dollar to the people on the list). I got names from an out-of-state phone book which I’m aware might cause for me to get back some hate mail. Also I didn’t have the money to buy all those stamps up front. Last week I mailed out 10 letters. I know that’s not a lot but that’s all I could afford at that time. On my next pay which is Friday I plan to mail out 20 more letters. I feel I have to believe in it for it to work.

Hey Kia, yeah the website is run by a guy named Robert Bach who just so happens to be the number 4 person on my list of people to send my $1.00 to. His address is at 235 Wilbur Ave. Cranston, RI 02921. That’s his business address he is a florist or something. Anyway Kia your are right about believing that you can do it that is the most important thing. Attitude is everything in this world. If you believe that you can make it work that is a huge step in the right direction. If I ever figure this thing out I promise I will find a way to share it with you Kia. And of course John, Ann, Richard, and all the others who have poured their hearts into this. You guys deserve this. That’s what I believe. Amy would probably make this goal a lot easier but whatever. If I have to figure it myself so be it. Nothing ventured Nothing gained. Good luck Kia. don’t give up keep at it. I will keep posting and try to help whenever I can.

Patrick, yeah hi all, I read that website to wordy and stuff really too much info that i dont really want to know and i still havent received any yet from my mailings.I did get one response from a person on the list that had written the return adress but had a label for me but the last name was wrong and even the street name was wrong.And it had some money making thing in it i just pitched it. Well im still being posiive about it though becasue it does take time, you have to consider the distance and if they hold on to it to think about it and stuff like that.And if it doesnt work out than i wont be mad really ive spent far much worst on the lottery at times. And i can sit back and say i tried it unlike some people that post in here and are waiting for others to do it first.And good luck to all that have tried it hopefully it works for you. I know i had to try something because unemployment is up 8.4% where i live how about everyone else? i live in indiana. Have a great day

hey John, yeah positive will attract positive. You stay positive and positive things will happen to you this goes back to attitude and self talk. very important when trying to achieve a goal. I live in Maryland unemployment is pretty bad hear too. I am not sure the exact numbers but it is bad.

Hey Patrick. I live in Maryland also PG County actually, and the unemployment rate is getting bad. I know some of my friends have been at their jobs for years and are now getting fired for stupid stuff. So I guess that’s the route they are taking. Making up reasons to fire someone.

holly cow Kia that’s cool. You live in Prince Georges County. I live in Baltimore County. Never thought something like this would happen what a small world lol!

Kia, hey thats how they are creating new jobs I just found out from a friend he got into truck driving school and sees all these people coming in new people and thats how they are creating new jobs getting rid of the experienced. So when politicians say they are creating new jobs thats how they are doing it.Think about it new people lower wage and cost so its all BS in my eyes. See the government really doesnt care and thats a shame really

Hey john you are right in this country the people are afraid of their government when it should the government that is afraid of it’s people that’s why I want to move to Canada or Europe or Australia once I get enough money of course lol. This country is going to hell in a hand bag. Despite what the Black Jesus is trying to do. e.g. fixing health care, fixing education, fixing the economy.

Look up about 700 nyc teachers getting paid for nothing thats what makes me mad. I just saw it on my yahoo news page and read through the article its crap like that that is what is bad and they know it ,just saw on t.v where people were getting paid basically to do nothing one lady they interviewed she just got back from florida and said she didnt see a problem with it. And sadly i have to say i voted straight democrat but what are we going to do i dont make 250k a year so cant vote republican but it seems even voting for the people that are for the working class is a shame nowdays. Think the politicians need to be put in our shoes for a while well we just have sto stand up and fight for our rights is all maybe maybe one day it will get better well have a great day

WOW...just got through reading all the chatter. I received the oprah-20/20 letter and was just about to get the dataline list when research was needed!! Glad i found out more from everyone here..the best post was definately about “the secret” if anyone knows what that is..anyway. I even had the personalization thought in mind so i wrote on one of the folds of the paper. I opened the PO box today and was about to make copies, but now I know that it doesn’t have such a return as originally hoped. I’m interested in keeping with up with this chat though so we can collectively come up with ideas to make it better but either way I’ve still lost alot of hope just because of everyone’s misfortune on this matter..which brings me to think..are we really free. The reason why this hasn’t been working is the government. I’m going to bed. be back tomorrow. Gnite

Hey ty, welcome to the dick hollman letter forum. If you decide to come back and post just try to be honest and helpful to the other members on this forum. And good luck if you decide to give it a try.

Hey everyone! I’m still not up on my game yet. I still have only mailed out the 10 letters. But if I get so much as a dollar from the ten I mailed out I think that will motivate me to mail out more. As usual I will keep you guys posted.

Hey everyone, well wanted to say hi first of all. I logged in to this website a while back when I first got the letter.

I read all the post here, and just like most everyone I did not have much success from the mailings, I actually sent out around 150 letters. I only got 8 dollars back from my investment.

I talked to a buddy of mine like around a month ago, and he said he never tried sending out the letter, instead he sent me to a website he found while doing research on the letter, where everything is done electronically.

Which now it makes more sense to me since there is practically no other expense but the six dollars and some of your time.

I must tell you, I have made a lot of money this way. But the great part about all of this is that the payments are instant. You don’t have to wait for the mailman for your one dollar.

And since I know that many people are struggling financially, I felt like I needed to share this with everyone, and I thought of this forum and remember I had it bookmarked.

Anyways, just in case anyone is interested this is the link my friend sent me:

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Ricky, I looked at the web site and it says $6 can earn you $6 mil. How long have you been doing this and can you give an approximate amount of how much you have made. %6 is not much, even if it doesn’t work. However, the testimonials on the web site are vauge. You say you have made a lot of money. $1,000 is a lot of money to some people.

Hey Richard, welcome back,I just want to say in regards to the post made by Ricky be careful I found forums of people who have purchased this product and you have to pay more than just 6 bucks. You have to pay for hosting and domain names as well. Hosting usually costs $10 a month and domain names usually cost $6.99 a year depending on which companies you use. Also keep in mind that Ricky’s real name is Jesus Socarro or at least that’s his affilate nickname. I am not being skeptical Richard all I am saying is be careful. If you decide to purchase it and implement what is inside good luck to you and be sure to keep the rest of us posted.

First time commenter on this topic: I’ve received versions of the “Dick Hollman letter” many times and can anyone answer this question: if the Dick Hollman story is all fiction, if none of this is real, then...why did somebody bother to start this in the first place? Why make up a story like that and use it this way?
The only answer that would make sense is: to try to get a lot of people to send you a lot of money.
But it’s not structured that way - I mean, the money, however much there is, doesn’t all go to whoever started the letter. It all goes to different people in little increments at a time.
So if it WERE NOT something legitimately intended for people to help each other - then what would the originator gain from starting all this? Why do it?

Carl, well everyone thats on the list will get a $1 so its not for just one its for all but im not sure what happens because ive sent two mailings out and have only received $1 so people are afraid or are in one already.The originator was trying to portray helping each other out but they should have never exaggerated the outcome they dont know for sure how much will get back. Its really all about probability and probably very few will do it. I mean really yeah the math works if only few works but the truth is you have to send out thousands to get any good response.I know ive been disappointed but you dont know if you dont try.Maybe ill send a few out and personalize the envelope and everything. And to answer youre question i think the dick hollman is still floating around becasue they think its legit if it still has the originators name on it. Have a great 4th of july

Hey everyone just wanted to say to everyone on this forum have a great 4th of July. I going to spend some time in the inner harbor and party with some friends. Anyway I hope Ann, Kia, John, Richard and all you guys have some fun today with your family and friends. I know I will. Have a great 4th everyone!

Hi Patrick, thanks for the wish. Went to a wedding, believe it or not. It was at a used to be tradmark restaurant - now an event holding restaurant - you might call it, hall. The “Roostertail” It is located near Downtown Detroit, right across from the famous Belle Isle Island. Fireworks and all. Today we will probably venture out on our pontoon boat. Finally some wonderful weather - sunny an 80 degrees - NO RAIN. So to all, have a great rest of the weekend.

Hey, where in the heck is everyone???:):)

When you ask to be put on mailing list , I think that is what makes it legal. Besides I have spent a whole lot more than $200.00 on other websites trying to make money. id no good, just spent my money.So if I can make some money by spending less than $200.00 why not? You tell me whats wrong with wanting to make some money.You didn’t think of it , so it’s wrong! Well I going to try it and maybe some more people wants to make some easy money to!

Ah, another hopeful candidate. Hi Dale, as you can see by this blog, there have been many of us that have tried “The Letter”, and you can also see none of us really made any money. The ones that claimed they did, virtually disappeared from the site. I will tell you what I tell everyone, go for it if you dare. It may work for you, and you won’t know until you try. Good Luck!:)

I have gotten the letter. Whoever mailed it to me got a fairly updated mailing list. I moved into my new address 8 months ago and was at my previous one for 12 years. Still curious about the letter though.

Hi Dilla, doesn’t take much for someone to get your address. Any inquiry anywhere about money opportunities where you enter your address, they will find you. We are all curious, so far not much luck for anyone.

I’ve skimmed through these posts. Follow the money:

Posted by: tonya | January 26, 2008 3:27 PM:
I just called one of the people who were listed on my letter received Jan 25, 2008. I googled her and was actually surprised to see a real address based upon the comments stating that the address were not real people. So, I went to and found her phone number. I called her and asked if she had sent in her dollar to the 6 people to get on the list (that is what my letter says). Guess what; she had NO CLUE what I was talking about. She had never engaged in the mailing, didn’t know anything about the letter, and now now is very concerned that her personal address is floating around out there for for crazy person to find her. It’s kind of creepy. THAT sold me; this is a scam!

Same thing in my case; I did what Tonya did. The last name was a missionary- and he had no idea he was listed on it.

The names listed in the letter are real people that have had their data harvested. They have no clue they have been listed in this scheme. Ask yourself- who is making money here?

DATA LINE/the address list company! That’s who. Follow the money, forget about the $6 you’re supposed to send out- DATA LINE is making $45 if you fall into this trap.

It’s your money to do with as you wish. The principle at work here is the same as the lottery, which some refer to as a “tax upon the ignorant”.

To those out of work that somehow still have an Internet connection, if after reading and (hopefully) comprehending this information, you still want to invest $150~200 to get a fraction in return (if you are lucky) you may qualify for a job working in the congress. They would call spending $150 to get a small fraction back a great success! Just look at “Cash for Clunkers”!

Hey Ann sorry I haven’t posted here in a while. I’m Glad to see you are keeping everyone on the right track you have shown your true character on this forum. You are a great person. Anyway I have been busy lately and I am working on something big that should make me some serious money. And as promised i came back and posted and did not forget about you guys.

And hey
John, Kia, Richard are you guys still here post something!

I figured everyone was up to something. I love coming back here and reading new posts. Keep on trying Patrick, something good may happen:)

hey y’all!
just spent much time reading all of this, and even though I’ve tried one other such letter with not much success, I’m going to use some of y’all suggestions. maybe that will help!
GOOD LUCK to all that try!!
any one hear more about Amy? it seems she had the most success with the letter. and i really enjoyed reading almost every ones comments.
DON’T SAY ANYTHING, somethin’ Mama taught us!

Hey out there, got this letter and trying to find more info,one ? I still havent answered is ....Is it legal???

Not legal.

Folks have gotten prosecuted and convicted for
promoting the letter in the past.

It’s bogus. Totally bogus.

Hey Cory, come on now, did you not read this entire blog? We know a lot of people say it is illegal, but some people just don’t care and will take their chances. Most of the posters are not crooks, their honest people looking for a break and are willing to spend money they don’t even have to try it and see if if works for them. Illegal, oh well, there are many, many more illeagl scams out there - this one is cheap.

Shanna asked “is it legal,” so I told her the truth, Ann.

What would you have done better?

No need to get snippy, I guess Shanna should have read through the whole blog also. There is a lot of advice for the good and bad. I have never heard of this going to court, not in the news anyway, and I watch the news all the time, probably to much. Like I said before, it is a chance you yourself has to decide to take.

One more question Cory, which I normally ask anyone that comes on this blog with negative advice. How is it you found yourself here? Most everyone did by searching “The Letter” for information. Just wondering, like all the rest of the posters.

Thanks Cory, your right all I did ask is,if it was legal. Ann, I did read thru the blog and you have given alot of advice and probably been helpful to many.To risky for me, but to each their own I guess.It doesnt seem to be controlled enough for it to work for everyone and for it to be legal,which makes it work by chance and there for makes it more like a lottery.Bummer if we could come up with a foul-proof system then I’d say go for it!!

The truth is, there is no way to make easy money. We need to work, and I know for a lot of people, that is not possible right now. Until the US gets all of the Jobs that we so stupidly sent overseas, back here to the American People, things will be bad for a long time. I think I will check by $2.00 bet on the lottery and see if I won - NOT:):)

Checked the ticket - it was a NOT :(:(

Hey Ann, John, Kia, Richard I have found a way to make money online if you can believe it! I know it doesn’t have anything to do with letter mailing and i know you are probably thinking SCAM in your mind right now. But it is legit and pretty easy to do. I am just a young guy but pretty soon i will have enough money to retire. i am actually on vacation right now it’s great. I would love to share it with you guys because we all want to be our own boss and want to be financally free and this program does it for you. I have really found a needle in a hay stack. I really feel lucky and blessed to have found this and would love to share it with you guys because i feel like you guys are good honest people and deserve to have this opportunity. if you guys come back here post something and let me know if you are interested in joining or at least let me know what your thoughts are

Let us know a little about it Patrick = I’m sure no one will sign up until we know what we are signing up for. If what ever it is works, and you can make money, of course everyone would be interested. Let’s hear what it is:):)

Angel, I love you. I also love Brad and Ann.

Faith, and others like you, I am concerned about your mental health.

Posted by: MommaSarjah | January 19, 2009 5:06 PM

********Dear MommaSarjah, I LOVE YOU************

You got a RAW deal.

Thats good news Patrick, hope it’s true. I let this subside to the back of my lists to do on a daily basis when I was walking to a friend of a friends house, about a month ago, to get her computer fixed when a topic similar to “the letter” came about. As i explained my passion for wanting this to work, to this complete stranger she said..pssss..i need to show you something. so as she explained the outlines of this “online” mailing list type plot I told her i was very interested, it’s been about a month since then and cash has been supersuper tight and I’m about to invest into it. I’ll keep up like I said I would and if it really works I am going to need a strong base of dedicated individuals who are serious, as most of the posts on here are. so with that give me a few days to see if the results are in and if so be prepared to will we contact eachother without giving too much personal info on we are being watched.

That will be the tricky part. No one really wants to give their email address or phone numbers out on this site. To many people that are just here to be nosy and not really interested, and you are right WATCHING. We will have to find a way.

if you want to trade personal info and do it safely you can go sign up to be a member at or another free forum site and just make sure to use the same names you used here to sign up so you can identify each other and then send each other a private message with your contact info. that way you won’t have to expose yourself to all the nosy/negative people on this website and you guys can get down to business with what ever you want and start networking with other like minded people. hope this helps

I can understand why people will think this is a scheme i would think so if i was to give my $168 to invest in this single program to one individual at start up and expect to make some money back back yeah i would think twice about. But you not, just only $6 to names on a list how bad can that be. How many times have you one help somebody a homeless person bought food gave spare change, or ever donated toys to a drive, as well can goods. I’m sure it cost more than six bucks that you give to some one you do not know. i know some people are like so what about the $100 some odd dollars for supplies? why you worried. how many people put money into the stock market looking for great return and end up with nothing how many people go to Vegas and gamble there money away and go back to work the next day with no financial gain from it, how many people plays the lottery hoping to win after spending the last few dollars they had for food. The way i look at is you are buying what people buy every day envelopes and stamp in large quantity and mailing something out in so many ways is saying help me and i can help you. What is risk if you never try you will never have a risk if you never try. I know there is churches that ask for money though mail so it can help their church or for whatever they use the money for is that illegal because they are a none profit organization what if I wrote a letter to each of my family members asking for $1 and told them to write to there next of kin asking the same thing will that be illegal to do because it is though mail or because i ask lots of my family members for money and being transfer though mail how may there are many charity in front of stores all over America asking for donations but it is wrong and illegal when someone do the same thing but in a different format sending a letter out asking for the same thing just in a different format. In conclusion not trying to write a book here I seen nothing wrong in a small invest that could have a positive turn around and to those who have not tried i suggest don’t not speak negative if you never tried all i can say is you failed before you did any thing. From Jim in Deed P.S. I have recived the lett i am going to try the peole how havent trind and speaking negatie about that leavs for others to grow and be susseful. God bless.

well Jim In deed i wish you good luck and god bless on your letter mailing ambitions. I have tried it and did not have much success at it.

I am however thankful to have found a way to make a living online. And as i said before i will never have to work for the man again. But enough of that let me tell you guys about this opportunity. It’s called Internet Marketing and involves selling merchants products online and getting commissions for them. Now once you find legitimate ways to make money online it can take a long time months or even years before you figure out a method that can work. this is where i found Brian Johnson’s course Called Commission Ritual. He shows you step by step in over 90 over the shoulder videos the exact methods he uses to make thousands of dollars online every month. I personally have made a little over $10,000 this month. If you guys are interested click on this link:

if that link doesn’t work just click on my name
Now this is very important after you purchase commission ritual you will be taken to another page asking whether or not you wish to join Commission Rituals inner circle MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO JOIN THE INNER CIRCLE as you will be missing out on so much if you don’t join. I am in the inner circle and i look forward to seeing those of you who wish to join inside!

Good for you Patrick. If it works for you, go for it. To many guru ideas out there with so much to read and do, it isn’t for me. Keep us all posted on your success.

Just make sure you pay the taxes on any
profits you tell people you made online,

Otherwise, you can get in a lot of
trouble for misleading marketing.

I got this letter, and I’m doing it just to see what happens. The letter was in my dead father-in-law’s name but I’m doing the mailings. I believe in The Secret and am doing this for good reasons,not greedy ones. I believe that it will work because I believe.

I want to add something that is the truth. From Sept 2008 to April of 2009 I had a photo of a Ford Mustang Red GT V8 Premium Mustang convertible up on my bedroom “wish wall.” I never gave up. I wanted it as my 60th birthday present. I GOT IT ON 4/28/09 3 months before my birthday. I wanted a Scottish Terrier, she took 4 years to get, but I never gave up. I asked God for the car and for the dog, and I thanked Him everyday for all the blessings I already have. My son lost his job. I put up a construction site, a city skyline, a worker and a photo of a pile of money. MY SON GOT HIS OWN COMPANY GOING LAST MONTH AND IS DOING VERY WELL. I wanted to go on a cruise that included Poland and Russia. It went up on the wall, and we got it at half-price. GOD ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS. i want to retire and pay off our house and my husbnd retire. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN WITH THIS LETTER BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN GOD ANSWERING MY PRAYERS AND ST. ANTHONY TOO, BECAUSE I AM HONEST, NOT GREEDY AND NOT A LIAR OR A CHEAT. WHEN I GET THIS MONEY, THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY WILL GET A DONATION, I WILL FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, AND GOD WILL BE WITH ME TO HELP ME AND OTHERS. AMEN. DO NOT PICK ON THE LADY FAITH, SHE HAS THAT NAME FOR A REASON. YOU BELIEVE TOO, I BELIEVE IN THE PRINCIPLES OF THE SECRET, THINK POSITIVE AND POSITIVE WILL COME TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE. AMEN

Hello Maggie, Best of luck to you. My daughter uses that method for things she wishes for, but so far has had not had anything happen. Let us know about your progress with “THE LETTER” and have a great day.

I just left a voicemail message on one of the people’s phones that I sent the dollar to. Am waiting to see if he calls back to tell me of any success he’s made so far since he was #3 on my letter, actually #4 but now I’m #6 when I mail this, if I do. Haven’t gotten labels yet, should come next week. However, I just googled this again in a different way and got a website where a lady said she let her kids do all the work, sent out 1000 letters, and made $82,000, not the $816,000+. She said in the website she was divorced and positive about this and was happy with just that amount. If the one guy calls me back, I will let you know. I don’t know if we are monitored in any way through this site about this letter. I see that this site has gone on since 2007. Also this same lady said she called all the people on her listing letter. Some hung up on her, some told her they made money but wouldn’t reveal how much because they thought she might be an IRS Agent! She also said that one of the people who wouldn’t say how much he made was a retired postman!!! He said he made in the 5-figure amount. What I want to know is how the heck do you report this legally as income and legally pay the income taxes?what do you tell your guy who does your taxes for you? Do you say, mailing business, and how do they get a true business license then? This part stumps me because I’d really want to be honest like it tells you, because that’s the way I am. Thanks.

I had a few more thoughts in the shower and want to put them out there. Who’s Kevin Shay who sponsors this site and is he trustworthy? Secondly, the other website I mentioned, the posted comment was on 05/26/07, and it says the lady sent out 2000, not 1000, and her kids did it. She got her mailing lists off Ebay, not Dataline. The website is http:\ and it has links supposedly to online sites to make money honestly instead. As I mentioned, this lady said one of her names on the list was a retired postal worker. Now, the even more curious thing about this comment was that the postal worker told her he’d been handling these types of mailouts for years and KNEW WHICH ONES WERE THE CHAIN LETTERS BY THE ENVELOPES! Someone else on this site mentioned, do you have secure mailbox or post office address. Think about this..if the postal worker made 5-figures out of this, and he knew what to look for, and he wouldn’t say much more to her, who knows if he wasn’t taking some of those letters in the times before mailing wasn’t as computerized and machine-sorted? And when it comes to the USPS stopping this stuff, they are going broke you really think they want to lose more money by people not mailing stuff? The postal station near me is now closed on Saturdays completely to cut costs and I don’t know if we even get mail delivery on the weekend either now since that was stated it might happen also. And to the people who wonder where your name gets pulled from, all you have to do is buy something online and that data gets sold on some sites, not all, but some. And phone books if you are still letting your number be printed. My deceased father-in-law still gets letters from AARP saying to renew his membership even though they’ve been called direct about this. Plus he still gets junk mail from PSYCHICS and religious people who say they know his future. Well, if they did, then they’d already know that he’s with God now, not here opening his mail! I wonder why the USPS doesn’t stop all this junk mail from foreign countries from the psychics, the lottery scam artists, the asset finders, the you-won-send-us $19.95 or $1995 or $2995+ and we’ll send you the rest of your winnings!!?? All that stuff used to make me so mad I’d write on the envelopes and say return to sender and stop wasting trees. At least now we don’t get as much as we did before, but it hasn’t stopped completely. Plus they don’t spell his name right and it still keeps coming anyway. Ann, you’ve been checking this since December 20, 2008. Did anything more ever come to you from the first mailing? I needed to get ink cartridges for my printer, so no waste there; we needed mailing envelopes because we only had 2 left anyway; I got special commemorative stamps so no waste there even if not used for the letter; spent $45 for the mailing list, would have spent that on dinner and movies for 2, so no waste there really; already had printer paper here sitting getting dusty in the packets on the shelf, so no waste there. Oh, and that lady on the other website said she cut costs by printing the letters at work! wasting company time and money instead. And other links tell you do this online electronically instead to save you money or get $6 and six million responses in no time! So saying this letter is a scam is funny when you look and think about all the other computer scams going on every minute of every day. Oh, and I’ve asked God instead to help me with money, put it up on that wall, and things have increased in the past few days and I haven’t sent the letter out yet either. And what about all these speculators driving up the prices of gold and silver and manipulators online of stock market shares that you don’t realize is going on? And the media scaring us one day and then printing the next day that we are in recovery (maybe)? I think I’ll just keep on trusting God, that’s for sure. Been nice taling to you Ann. And if the guy calls me back with an amount he made, I’ll post.

Richard Leonard 1-541-485-2942, voicemail real person, in my letter, 1776 Adkins St., Apt 1, Eugene OR 97401-5064, #3 on list NEVER RESPONDED TO VOICEMAIL, NEVER CALLED. Hope he likes his $1.00 from me.

and what is the spam type the letter thing for, to check the ISP of the sender? And Mr.Shay, where are you?

Hi Maggie, Mr. Shay is a real person. He just started this site and it has been on it’s own since then. He doesn’t even monitor it I don’t think. Back on June 5 you will see a post by siko who claims to be the owner of this site. He threatened to report all of us and claimed to be Mr. Shay. I got Mr. Shays email, wrote him and asked if he was the one that wrote the email, and he said no it was not him, so like he said, this blog is pretty much on it’s own. No, I did not even get $1.00 back from my mailing, and I really don’t know who, if anyone is being truthful when they say they mad x amount of dollars. I check back here hoping to hear that someone made it. I think if anyone really does succeed, they would come back again and again to let us know. That is my opinion. Anyway, let us all know how things go for you Maggie, I am interested.


Hi Maggie, What man are you talking about. Someone from Dataline? I almost wish you wouldn’t have ordered from them. I got a few address that just didn’t seem right, and I heard complaints from other people. Let us know.

Sorry Maggie, I see who you mean.

So likeif the people who did it sent the $6.oo to people who did wouldnt it work ?


Just another bit of news...I put on my wish wall asking God to please help with my husband’s pre-diabetes numbers and his Metformin meds to please work. He had his quarterly exam, and the blood sugar number went down over 1 whole point. The specialist nurse, said WOW, HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET THAT TO HAPPEN? WHAT DID YOU DO? hE WAS JOKING AND TOLD HER HE drank alot OF VODKA! Which he does not! When he got home and told me this, I knew God had helped us again for sure. So, I’m just going to keep on thinking positive and keep re-reading the book The Secret. My investments went up again today. So I made back what I spent on the stamps, etc., without even using the mailing list. You are supposed to always go with “your gut” because that’s your Inner Spirit or your guardian angel or higher power and I just couldn’t bring myself to print 200 letters and mail them even though when I got the letter I thought I was going to do it. I think the Devil was trying to tempt me and I’m glad I didn’t give in. And I know you guys are probably getting tired of me and “religious” thoughts here maybe. If you don’t want to say “God”, then say your positive thoughts to the Universe are working for you. Good things bring good, bad things bring bad, that’s the base of the whole thing. So if you guys truly feel in your heart a deep need that bring you close to tears, then do it for the right reason, not just for the money. I agree with Ann, and I wonder why people have not said if they really made money but I truly think they are scared of getting caught doing something wrong, me too. My trust is in God instead. But good luck to anyone else if they do decide to do it. Only you can choose your own path, not anyone else, and you must realize that you cannot control other peoples’ paths either.

Maggie... for courtesy’s sake,
don’t post in all capital letters.

That’s hard on people’ eyes.

Sorry about the all-caps. Just got my left hand out of a cast, was easier/faster to type that way. Am healing pretty good and very fast now. Another prayer/positive thinking working. Fractured wrist but doing great. Stocks/bonds went up again. Hope others are doing well. Switch your thinking, it works. So if any of you do the mailing, you really have to do what it says, no dishonesty, report the taxes, give to charity, etc., and believe. Maybe then it will work. Don’t know, I didn’t do it after all, as I said.

hey, everyone, i think its great to try and pull together and help each other out,, im an investor, and a business man, and im doing my homework and took a copy of the letter to my attorney to make sure its all legal,, if it is ill give it a try and ill post on here again what i found out from my attorney. and if its all a go Anthony is rite if we can pull together and get 200 or close of us to mail these out our odds would be a lot better. And if it starts to work you can apply for your business license which is basicaly just a number so the IRS can get there share , which some of that comes back to us in some ways also. p.s. 200 dollars is nothing to start a business, most people have to dish out 50,000 on up and have over head. lets just be smart and check things out before we start running our mouths off,, and only post facts,, Having your own business is part of being American.. And Rip off artist should be prosecuted. But i cant see where anyone is getting ripped off,, maybe it wont work maybe it will. Have a good day
God Bless,


To all of you, what do you do each day when your eyes open up? Do you automatically think dreadful thoughts? Or do you say “Things are great, I have my house, my spouse, my kids,I’m alive, my health.” If you wake up and automatically start sending out negative thoughts, that’s all you are going to get back is more negative. Anthony, please, do let us know, on the up and up, either way, legal or illegal. We all would truly appreciate that from our hearts. If you keep thinking about debt, you’ll get more debt. Think about money coming to you, imagine great things and happiness and it will come sooner or later. Be thankful, even if you think you don’t have enough. Be thankful for all the little things no matter what. Be thankful you opened your eyes to go through another 24 hours of having better!

Well I am doing my due diligence research and I find...WHOA!!! My family cannot afford to give away 200-300 in an investment that may or may not work. After reading the US POSTAL CODE Title 18 (not 19 as my letter said), Sections 1301 and 1342 (which 1342 has nothing to do with this) I have determined that this truly is illegal. I suggest to everyone that instead of reading these blogs they actually read the Code that is referenced inthis letter that makes it “legal”. I sure am glad it is Saturday so I can play PowerBall tonight. HAHAHA. Good Luck and Best Wishes to everyone. Oh and one more thing - I am on a quest to make sure everyone onthe planet knows about the Peace One Day orginization. Peace One Day is celebrated September 21 each year. Check it out and get involved - . One person at a time can make a difference if enough people get involved. And isn’t Worldwide Peace a worthwhile endeavor to get behind for just one day a year? When I do win the lottery I will be devoting my time to this effort and I hope and pray that each of you willat least take one minute out of your schedule next September 21 to think of peace for all of humanity. Cherish the Earth.

I researched this letter for several days and came upon this website. Go to - and it will tell you everything you need to know about this letter.

Got back from Vegas, had a great time, going through dead father-in-laws mail at POBox, 5 letters of the Dick Hollman type showed up while I was gone. Several were changed to say it was seen on Oprah, several changed the last page to read differently than the original letter, saying be the American Way and help each other out. I have never sent out the 200 letters, changed my mind on it. Apparently, these other people got my deceased relatives address again from DataLine. Feel it is not for me to use my time right now to respond. Got to see Cher, Mystere, The Platters/Coasters/Marvellettes, and did not even bet the whole $300 I kept on the side just for gambling. Vegas is busier but not paying off much. Someone in our group won $10 grand but never said how much she put in the machine to begin with, other than she got all her money back. Word of mouth said someone else won 10-million, a stranger, when we were there, don’t know if true. Use your $350 for better things, or if you win, let us know on this site. Thanks, Ann, hope you are doing fine.

Hey Maggie, sounds like you had a good time in Vegas. I love it there. Never win, only play the little money slots, but still fun. As you see, no one is posting any good news on the letter, so I just check back now and then, and there you go, you posted. Hope all is well with you to.

Just a note to anyone that had contact with Richard. I received a random email today that his wife passed away on November 13 from the swine flu. If anyone wishes to send their prayers and thoughts, you may want to do it here and maybe he will check this site in the future.

Hey everyone, Very quiet these days, and the Holidays are upon us. I want to wish everyone, new and old to this site a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Let’s all hope and pray the New Year of 2010 will bring peace, happiness and joy. To all that are still being pinched by the recession, I wish the most to you that you may prosper with new beginnings. Have faith, and do not give up trying to find that special something that will bring you the sense and security that you need. Happy Holidays

I hope that anyone who reads this - even if it is just ONE person, that this letter has already arrived in your mailbox , and that you will be blessed beyond belief as we have. When we first received this letter I was very skeptical, I did all of the online research that you are probably doing right now. I can tell you that it IS NOT a scam. We have recieved over forty thousand dollars in cash one dollar at a time from participating in sending 300 letters. This letter could not have arrived at a more perfect time in our mailbox. My husband and I work our asses off and have always lived paycheck to paycheck. The past year had been very hard for us financially, nearly causing us to seperate from the stress. I am not a hugely religious person, but I thought to myself, if this works even just a little bit, it could be life-changing for us. So before beginning I said a little prayer. We were not expecting to make millions, and it wouldn’t have taken tens of thousands for it to be worth taking a chance, and I also thought, if I can pass this on to someone else who needs it like we do, it will all be worth the small investment. Please do not dismiss it !! You will always wonder about it if you do !!!

Dear Believer, Happy Holidays to you. Congratulations on your new found success. If you read through this blog, you will see that many folks have tried and just as many did not succeed as you did, me being one of them. We all get excited when someone posts that they have made the system work, but as soon as they post, we no longer hear from them, which makes us wonder just how honest they are being. It would be great if the ones that have made this work, if they could pass on their way of doing things. I know if it worked for me, I would be helping everyone and anyone to also succeed. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.


chain letter 1980s dick hollman got new one recently it been updated and still a scam. i did it back then.never gone any money..

Useful information, many thanks to the author. It is puzzling to me now, but in general, the usefulness and importance is overwhelming. Very much thanks again and good luck!

I got my letter today. My son say’s “Dont do it Mom it’s a pyramid scam. I read the letter over,and over again. I now have it memorized. I even, got my son saying go for it Mom. Now before I actually do go for it, and have my son telling me how foolish I was. That would not only hurt, but I would be very embarresed. Because of this. While most of you got your letters last year.from a Dick Holliman? My letter say’s he’s”DICK HOLLAND” I was almost sold! I mean why the slight name change? “DISHONEST” that why!!! Explain that “DICK”

Good freakin’ grief. Those of you who think is is some sort of way to “help each other out” have really bought into the scam hook, line, and sinker. You want to help out your fellow man? Volunteer at a homeless shelter, or walk dogs at the animal shelter, or volunteer with a youth organization. Do something nice for your neighbor. Give your skills to those in need. Don’t give your money to a data collection service WHATEVER YOU DO.

The testimonials that claim anyone made more than a couple of dollars and put here by liars and frauds. Listen, instead, to the people who put their time and money into this effort and ended up without one single dollar to show for it.

Dear Dub, You are more than likely correct, this is a scam, and I am sure anyone that tried it, knows it is now, including me. However, you have missed the mission here. Everyone who has posted on this blog is in need of money. They all are struggling financially and were looking for a way to get some money to help them out with their money woes, be it food or bills, they needed cash. Volunteering was not an option. That does not pay the bills. Please don’t knock anyone, they learned their lesson, and if they have not yet, they will.

Ann, I don’t want to kick anyone while they’re down. The folks who fell for this have my complete sympathy. But let me suggest that I’m not exactly off mission here.

Fraudsters STILL come here claiming they’ve made five figures from this program. Others, who may have honorable intentions, take a “don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it” attitude even as they quote the Old Testament. The former are born of greed, the latter of naivety.

Many of the arguments are about “We’ve got to look out for each other.” I get that.

People need money. I get that.

People arrived at this page because they got a chain letter advising them to throw away their hard-earned money. Our mission in this particular venue should be keeping the destitute from throwing their money into the wind, and keeping the mongrels at Data Line at bay.

If it’s a matter of making money, the cold hard reality is that there is no magic wand you can wave. Many people come to the United States and eke out a meager wage doing yardwork, driving cabs, cleaning houses, etc. -- less than a salary working at a fast food joint -- and still have money left over to send to relatives overseas. The bottom line is that nobody is “too good” to do any kind of work.

Dub, you are correct, money does not just fall into your life. You made sense, but I have to say, I came to a screeching hault at the comment about other people coming from other countries to do menial jobs and making it. The immigrants have it much easier than the American People, everything is handed to them on a silver platter, so I will stop right now, and I really hope you don’t comment about that subject anymore. It is a very sore topic for me, (I have my reasons) and many more people - it is sort of like discussing politics, when in fact, no one really cares what party you belong to - they still have their own opinion. Anyway, thanks for the feedback about the “LETTER”, which is what this blog is about.

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