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December 22, 1999 Permalink

I have to share something that is very disturbing to me.

My husband and I GI and have prepped. My sister is GI and has prepped very little and plans on coming to my home with her 3 small children.

Her husband, who would seem to be intelligent, just WGI and gives my sister a hard time when she tries to prepare.

My husband has gone to great lengths to make sure we will be warm no matter what happens. My sister has begged her husband to go out and get firewood.

A couple weeks ago as she was taking inventory, her and her husband began to communicate about her preps. She thought maybe he was coming around. She asked him when he planned on getting the firewood.

HIS RESPONSE: “Don’t worry. If I don’t get it in time, I have a gun. I can take it by force if I have too.”

This response came from a family member.. I’m ashamed to say. Really hit me hard. If someone my own sister is married to has this mentality.... !!!!

—Enraged, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 12/22/99

I’ve had it with this “next time you need someone to assist you” justification for socialism, welfare, and high taxes.

This year, 1999, I’m paying well over $100,000 in taxes to Uncle Sam, and a large amount to Uncle Red Davis.

Tell me about how my taxes need to be high to support welfare breeders, farmers who don’t want to farm, Jews from New York who elect to live in the desert a couple of miles from the people whom they kicked off their farms, Russians who want billions of dollars of shakedown money to fix their economy, and on and on.

No thanks, Walter. I’d rather take my chances with not having Big Brother “there to help me if I need someone to assist me.” I’d rather take a big chunk of that $100K+ I’m paying in taxes and invest it myself.

Fuck welfare and fuck welfare handout recipients. Let’s hope Y2K kills millions of them. Fucking breeders.

—Tim May, comp.software.year-2000, 12/22/99

My wife and I sent out letters with all sorts of information to family members and friend to let them know what the possibilities were at the rollover over a year ago. Nothing dooming, just requesting them to do their own research and come to their own conclusions. Out of all of those who we sent this information to, (23) two are GI. Saw some of them over the Thanksgiving holiday, some questions of ‘how’s your bunker coming along? heh heh...if anything happens, we’ll be right over!”

I am a newby here, been lurking mostly. Have inputted some unimportant items now and then. One thing that I have noticed here is the quality of the forum and the people in it. Rare these days.

I hope that each and everyone of you stay healthy, hug your families this Christmas and may all of your troubles be a BITR.

—idunno, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 12/22/99

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