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December 23, 1999 Permalink

It is over a week before rollover. Readers of this forum know that I have been speculating that there may be a post-Christmas “Y2K will be bad ... get ready” announcement. The opinion of this forum is that I am full of it. There will be no such announcement.

I am still trying to figure out what TPTB’s plan for public mood management before 1/1/00. If there is no pre-announcement, here is one horrible possibility.

1) There are more and more “terrorism” stories in the press. We get more ambiguous annoucements “beware of terrorists” “beware of large crowds” but “don’t do things differently because of these announcements, since that would mean the terrorists win”.

2) The main effort will be to discourage people from doing the Times Square deal.

3) The military sets off a bomb in Times Square an hour or 2 before it is mid-night GMT time. This would be 5-6 pm New York Time. This would kill dozens up to 300 people. That would be enough to clear the streets of all crowds in all cities before there is the potential of grid failure ar 7pm Eastern Time.

4) This would set off all the state of emergency, National Guard, military roadbblocks etc. From that point on, all disruption will be primarily blamed on terrorists.

5) Of course, this would mean Clinton would have to cancel his big party in DC. He would take his 1,000 friends to a strategic bunker to party the night away.

—David Holladay, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 12/23/99

Yesterday and today I’ve been telling the wife (who’s getting really nervous about the “terrorists”) that something is fish about this. Every freaking 1/2 hour, some media sources is telling me to “avoid large gatherings” due to “threats of terrorism”. Bullshit. Pre-emptive crowd control is what I call it. The govt. is scared shitless that Paul Milne might just be right and that power outages at large gatherings could incite panic. Governments are by their nature scared shitless of panic and “unruly mobs”, so they invent this bullshit to keep the crowds down.

—Bob Doyle, comp.software.year-2000, 12/23/99

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