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December 27, 1999 Permalink

Just HAD to come on and vent. I stated on here about two weeks ago, that after Christmas, approximately the 26th/27th, you would see television media blazing away about Y2K. Prior to Christmas, you hardly heard anything.

Today it has been everywhere. CNN, MSNBC, you name it. Now that Pokemon and Furbies are a thing of past-tense, what naturally is the next biggest story ? Would you ever have guessed ? Still a bunch of SPIN crap, but none the less, it is now everywhere.

I think reporters have just made tops on my list of “most sickening professions”, if you can call perpetual lying a profession. Attorneys just placed 2nd.

—Rob, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 12/27/99

Two general outcomes possible: 1--a ten-year global depression. 2-- a rapid global collapse of virtually everything. I lean toward the second, my wife toward the first. Which of these occurs will be decided in the first week, depending on the severity of the embedded problems. As Holliday above said, whatever it is will unfold at lightning speed, and we will know less in the future than we know now. IMO, this is going to make the fall of the Roman Empire look like fun. Few of the posters on this forum realize how big a fall we have set ourselves up for, with overpopulation, toxics and nuclear waste, gargantuan debt everywhere, environmental degradation, wildlife devastation, and the illusions of Televisonland which have effectively destroyed any regard for virtues and universal truths. If I am wrong I will publicly apologize, but I will never, never, never buy into the system that has brought us to this abyss.

—StanTheMan, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 12/27/99

Week 1 Dec 31st-Jan 8th primary embedded failures (some water/sewer, chemical plants, manufacturing) - Unknown level of impact...could be a 1 (unlikely but possible) or a 7-10 (unlikely but possible) figure a general 2-3 in most areas but a 10 in others. Water/sewer is the thing to watch.

Week 2-14 The unraveling of the economy-JIT failures, processing, accounting glitches. Fuel goes through the roof... rationing is probable. Stock market contracts, puffs then implodes for 2 qtrs. minimum. Longer if fail scenarios in production facilities last. This will be a 5-9 on the scale. Oil and chemical plants hold the key here. 40% of small businesses have done nothing for y2k. 10% of these will fail outright within 6-12 weeks. 7-26 million will be added to the unemployment rolls by June 2000. Govt. steps in but can’t stem the tide. National emergency declared in most states by mid Feb.if not sooner.

Week 15-52 Slow then moderate recovery mixed with new fail scenarios keep anxiety very high. Level drops some to 4-7. Market starts back on recovery but will take yrs to recover fully.

Don’t want to be but the evidence is clear.......Doomer

—Polly-Morphic Doomer, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 12/27/99

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