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December 26, 1999 Permalink

Idiot pollyannas like bks and dechert can not face the truth. Globally, the job has not even had the surface scratched and they are imbecilic enough to think the USA walks away unscathed. Individual remediation and compliance is MOOT.

While bks is just plain stupid, dechert is an abysmal moron. To even entertain that there will be ‘absolutely zero economic consequences’, as dechert has maintained, is more than just folly. It is invincible and intentional ignorance. The facts are there. They are manifest and plain.

The consequences will be far far far more sever than a mere bump in the road. We import at least 17% of our crude from Venezuela and they rank among the worst prepared inthe entire world. A deficit of 17% would be more than TWICE what we were short when we went into the recession of the 70’s. And that does not even include the Middle Eastern countries upon whom we rely for even MORE oil. And THEY are not even on the remediation radar.

Won’t be long now till the Pollyanna morons do their ‘dope slap’.


—Paul Milne, comp.software.year-2000, 12/26/99

Stopped in at Raley’s to see what bargains they had...didn’t buy anything and very few people were in the store. Maybe people are sick of food for the time being. Saw some empty spaces on shelves but that could be due to Xmas and they haven’t had time to restock. Went to WalMart, very few shoppers again. No camp stove fuel, but had a few propane cylinders on the shelf. Last week they didn’t have any. Still had a few candles left. No 5-gallon gas cans. Last week they got in a shipment in after being out for 3 weeks. They got in a shipment last night of garden equipment. Shelves were bare in many places such as dog food, Wally SPAM, but they did have about 20 gallons of bottled water. No oil lamps, no oil, no oil lamp wicks. Ace Hardware told me they sold 350 gallons of kerosene last week. I bought 5 gallons. This coming week will be interesting to see what the herd does. Still a lot of bare spots at Foods 4 Less, don’t know what’s going on there. The checker said they aren’t getting shipments in and when they do, they are having trouble keeping the shelves stocked.

—bardou, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 12/26/99

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