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January 13, 2000 Permalink

Since all seemed so quiet on the home front, even in the face of the posts here, I started foolishly breaking preps. Since seeing the lists of incidents Y2k, acts of God, and acts of man. Also the absence of the pollies, I am going to restore all my preps and even enhance what I have. Yesterday I dumped four fifty five gallon drums of water. Today I am going to restore them, the water needed changed anyhow, and the drums dried out. Without water we are sunk the same as the Titanic. I noticed the strange silence of Pollies of late, and the hourly growing of small leaks in the bottom of the ship. I feel personally that even God is having a hand in this. However let us not get started on the religion aspect of this. Long sermons bore me to tears.

—Notforlong, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 01/13/00

Last night, we had a power failure (rouge backhoes). The power company came out to repair the lines, it was 20 degrees, wind around 30 mph and snow. We had prepped for the big one (roll over) with solar panels and wind generators. It was so cool to look out across our little valley and see NO LIGHTS (except ours). One of the linemen came to ask Why we had power. We are OFF the GRID”I Must Say”. His response was “Cool”. I will never look back and regret our preps. Y2K has given us strength and knowledge to over come most obstacles in life. The one thing I am grateful for, is Y2K has brought myself and others, closer to understanding that WE must change our dependence on oil before this planet becomes another Mars. BTW, does anyone have a recipe for 1500 pounds of pinto beans?

—xtech, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 01/13/00

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