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January 14, 2000 Permalink

I checked into this forum a few days before rollover and have found it fascinating. It seems to me that this forum is now more important than before, because this is one of the few outlets available for reports of Y2K, or seemingly Y2K, events. We know that the media is failing to report most incidents as they occur; we know that corporations and government have a vested interest in keeping their business hidden from public view. We need updates, reports and antedotal data in order to more fully assess what is truly going on out there. We are in the midst of an unprecedented and unpredictable event. Not one among us can say with 100% certainty what the ultimate ramifications will be. The reports here from the front lines are now critical to our understanding, so please keep this up.

Along those lines, I’ll report that my husband is an IT at a county hospital, cited as being one of the best for its size in the country. Not only are they having more problems than usual since rollover, but also on Thursday, half the entire system went down for the first time ever. This incident is not being classed as Y2K related, because the truth is nobody has determined the underlying cause of the problem. But the incident can be classed as an anomoly of the highest order. A report of which, I offer simply for your consideration as we, collectively, attempt to answer the questions that Y2K and all of its ramifications have raised.

—Aunt PittyPat, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 01/14/00

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