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Y2K could be the last Christmas present of 1999. Although it will be the early evening of December 25 in the United States, it will be the morning of Sunday December 26, 1999 on the west side of the International Date Line. Some systems will try to construct a table for the next week and fail. Other systems will fail a day later, as they try to construct a Monday through Sunday week. This process will continue throughout the time remaining until 2000 as even more systems construct a one-day table to include January 1.

Some systems will construct their look-ahead table at midnight local time; others, GMT. If we see any indication of problems in any parts of our infrastructure at about 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (Midnight Greenwich Mean Time) on December 25, we are undoubtedly in for a tragic Y2K.

Systems failures are often ironic. What a fitting tribute to Murphy’s Law - to have Y2K failures strike while the world is least expecting them, on the night of Christmas.

The overwhelming message has been, “We will be ready for Y2K. We will be fully staffed beginning December 31 to attend to any problem that might arise.” In the mean time, most Y2K teams are taking a well-deserved breather this last weekend. Surprise!

—Sally Strackbein (and Ray), Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 12/24/99

Suburbs of Dayton, Ohio.

Chemtrails all over the sky one day. Next day, nothing, nada, not even one, just a totally clear blue sky.

Weather exactly the same both days. Same atmospheric conditions. Presumably the same number of commercial jets crossing overhead.

Something’s going on, folks. Don’t know what it is. But it’s creepy as hell. Like walking into a horror movie.

—oh well merry, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 12/24/99

I went to every local mtg. They really didn’t want to hear what I had to say. They focused on tsunami and storm scenarios. The electric company mouthpiece just made fun of those who thought that there would be problems. “Everthings going to be alright unless someone hits a utility pole with their vehicle.”

I had overhead charts showing the Gartner graph of projected infrastructure failures. I kept them abreast of the latest incidents. They just DGI or DWGI. A point came where I would not attend any more because it was too late for arguments. I just told those that were still interested to come to this forum. It’s still the best place to find out what’s happening.

I assume that this story is the same in most places. It’s too late to change anything now.

“It’s all over now Baby Blue” - Dylan

—spider, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 12/24/99

With only seven day’s till the roll over I just cannot believe the the still remaining and overwhelming number of DGT’s out there . It reminds me of the movie night of the living dead. Liked most wise people now prepared or trying to prepare for this life time event I have kept an open mind as I plowed threw tons of info of y2k facts, and can only say that we are all in deep do do. I now have a moderate inventory of all items that keeps oneself alive. Food , water , weapons. Many have gave up trying to move the “herd ” and have but late turned to protect only family and loved ones. I trully belive that by spring as one squints one eye threw the cracks of the boarded windows you just might see the night of the living dead, the herd with arms stretched out forward looking for empty cans of tuna.

—Dan Kowalsky, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 12/24/99

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