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December 25, 1999 Permalink

My neighbor across the street has a 12 year old boy. At Thanksgiving time the school had a canned food drive. The kid gets up and hour earlier than her and gets on the bus. Guess what he took to school everyday on the school bus? A case of her canned food for Y2K. A few hundred dollars worth. Think any of the teachers bothered to ask if it was okay or if mommy knew? Nope. Just Thanks what a good boy. So he brought in more. Total of half her supplies of canned food. Her response (after being pissed)? Oh, (turning to me), you bought a lot so we can just come over to your place. Yup, just drive from NY to MD for a bowl of my chili. Makes sense to me. Would be easier to go replace what the kid took. Make him pay for it.

My point is don’t underestimate the number of people with their eyes on your stored food and hide it well.

—Darkdakota, comp.software.year-2000, 12/25/99

Suppose “The Worst” happens. Power is out EVERYWHERE. Civilization shuts down. Communication terminates. Word of mouth is the only means of misinformation.

When the National Guard unit comes by your house, and you ask what happened, he’ll say... “It wasn’t computer glitches... it was terrorists.”

“Oh yeah,” you’ll respond. “I remember hearing about that in the news.”

This would explain why it is being mentioned so often in the press now...preparing the public psyche. Setting the stage.

—duaneschwingel, comp.software.year-2000, 12/25/99

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